Chicago’s orgy of criminal violence is so bad that Chicago’s leaders have given notice that Chicago Police will not respond to burglaries or car thefts any longer.

Anyone want to hazard a guess what’s going to happen in the real world?

Do you think criminals are going to take advantage of that?

They might be low-information Obama voters, but they aren’t completely Neanderthals.

More 911 calls won’t get in-person response

Chicago (Tribune) – The Chicago Police Department hopes to free up the equivalent of 44 officers a day by no longer dispatching cops for certain crimes, like burglaries and car thefts in which the offender is no longer at the scene and no one is in immediate danger.

Police confirmed the change, which takes effect Sunday. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told aldermen last year he was considering a move in that direction.

The change is not related to plans by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and McCarthy to shift what they indicated was as many as 200 officers from administrative duties to beats so more officers can be assigned to teams that saturate crime hotspots, city spokesman Bill McCaffrey said.

The 911 dispatch changes and redeployment of officers come in the wake of the city’s most deadly January since 2002. A total of 42 people were murdered in Chicago last month, including 15-year-old band majorette Hadiya Pendleton, an innocent victim whose South Side slaying drew national attention.

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: So much crime, cops can’t respond to burglaries, car thefts and more.”
  1. Wow, they are moving in the right direction. Their next step will be to cordon it off and declare it no man’s land, which it already is for all intents and purposes.

  2. Special thanks to former mayor Richard Daily, current mayor Rahm Emmanual, Pat Quinn, Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan, John Cullerton, and the dumbasses who keep voting for them.

    I have some good friends in that city, and so I am absolutely appalled at such a stupid and reckless decision. Now Chicago is NOT a safe place to live for good law abiding citizens; that city already has one of the highest crime rates in the entire free world, and so now there will be a great “exodus” of people moving out to other places in hopes of uncompromised safe living conditions, and where the police will respond to burglaries and auto thefts.

  4. Well ya I guess they do. They can either flee and go live somewhere else or stand and fight.

  5. So, if your car house is burglarized right before they steal your car and no one is perceived to be a threat, just hang in there champ until republicans rescue the state in ten years.

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