The White House has given us another sloppy photoshop and then they pre-emptively mock the inevitable backlash when it’s seen to be a fake.  It’s not as sloppy as the so-called “Birth Certificate” they released some time ago, but it’s still a photoshop.

White House Mocks Doubters

(Weekly Standard) – Former White House senior adviser David Plouffe took to Twitter to preemptively mock those who might believe the photograph of President Obama shooting a firearm is fake:

Attn skeet birthers. Make our day – let the photoshop conspiracies begin!…

— David Plouffe (@davidplouffe) February 2, 2013

White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer also added to the teasing from his official Twitter account:

For all the “skeeters”: POTUS shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David on Aug. 4, 2012.

— Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) February 2, 2013

On Saturday morning, the White House released the photo of Obama shooting at clay pigeons at the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland.


We’ll let this stand on its own.  You can make up your own mind:


And over at, they’ve been posting a number of home-made photoshops.

If you’ve got one, send it to



And, last but not least, Obama posing for the Photoshop “shoot”…















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  1. Check out Reuters golf photo and it looks like a different watch and a large wedding ring on the left hand. I would like to know what that is on the upper barrel in the shot gun photo.

  2. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children on fb has a whole collection. The DC Sniper and the pink unicorn are the best.

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