Illinois’ Senator Mark Kirk, lover of gun control.


Well, its official.. Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois will side with the leftists on eviscerating your 2nd Amendment rights.. Read this article from the Politico.

“The first bipartisan legislation to place tighter restrictions on guns will be introduced in the Senate next week, part of a joint effort by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and  Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

The legislation will address gun trafficking, or  the moving of guns illegally across state lines.

“There’s no federal law that makes gun trafficking illegal,” Gillibrand said on MSNBC. “There’s no crime to be a straw purchaser and to take weapons from a state like — a southern state and bring it straight up to New York and sell it out of the back of your truck directly to criminals.” Read more here

8 thoughts on “Senator Mark Kirk sells out Americans!”
  1. All I can say is big f@#$%ing surprise! This is what we get for electing the “lesser evil” candidates. If this is representative of the future of the Re-pube-lican Party, well… I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. That RINO traitor has earned every bit of his ‘F’ rating from the NRA ever since his first term replacing RINO Porter up in the 10th. Anybody who thought he’d support the constitution as a Senator was sniffing glue.

  3. I live in his district. I will work to see he is not reelected. I will go door to door to remind people he is not a man for us.

    1. I live in his “district” too, he is a US Senator and is supposed to represent ALL Illinois citizens. Time to flood his phone lines and e-mail/snail mail. I have been concentrating on littleDick Durbin, but will include Sen. Kirk in my “pestering” soon, hope many will join me if you can. I had not seen much on Senator Kirk’s “leanings” until now but didn’t expect much from him when he got elected. We should all work for a replacement for him, think he is up in 2014, but not sure, might be 2016, think he was filling Burris’ term and has less than a full 6 yrs. left, will have to read up on him.

  4. Ok Senator Kirk, time to play the game. You won’t be re-elected next term. Time to start flooding your email account with messages.

  5. Ine the movie ” The Time Machine ” there were yhe ” Eloy ” submissive, who let the GOVERNMENT take care of their every need. (This only until their services were needed elsewhere). Then there were the ” Morlocks “, (who took care of the Eloy’s). When the time came a iren rang out and the Eloy’s decinded underground, to be torched, slaved, and eaten by the Morlocks. They all went like sheep!! They did exactly what the Morlocks; (our gov’t. tell them ” US ” what to do). Well now you know the rest……………………………

  6. Kirk is an Illinois republican, all of whom are undercover democrats. they work closely with the dems here against the taxpayers, and like them, are all thieves. After all, our last “republican” governor went to prison just like his democrat successor for profiteering from office. why the FBI can’t make a real effort to lock up all these bastards who have bankrupted Illinois is in itself a crime.

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