Here is an email all NRA members  received from Wayne LaPierre at the NRA.

If there’s one thing the headlines of the past week tell you, it’s that President Barack Obama, gun ban politicians, and media elitists are willing to say and do whatever it takes to destroy your gun rights.

That’s why I went on Sean Hannity’s show to arm gun owners with the facts they won’t hear from the mainstream media.

In this interview, I tell America the TRUTH about armed security in our nation’s schools…the TRUTH about how millions of law abiding Americans use firearms to defend themselves and prevent crime…and the TRUTH about various types of firearms and how they function (with a LIVE demonstration by world champion shooter Jessie Duff!).

Please watch it the moment you get the chance. Or, read a transcript of the interview here.

And please, forward this video to every gun owner you know — or post it to a blog or your personal Facebook page. The more gun owners who know the facts about guns, crime and freedom, the more powerful NRA will be in our battle to protect the Second Amendment.

Thank you for your support and your commitment to NRA. It means a lot to me personally that you’re willing to STAND AND FIGHT for the future of our freedom.

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