by John Boch

( – Gun control advocates were elated in the days following the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.  They were elated not that children were slaughtered by an evil man-child as part of an insane rampage, but because they thought they could get previously rejected laws passed in the hysteria following the tragedy.

There are five stages of grief and they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  In the days following the Connecticut massacre, Americans were in the anger and bargaining stages of grief.  Americans were demanding our leaders to do “something” to prevent insane rampages by lunatics as part of their grief, and gun control advocates were right there to tout their freedom- and liberty-killing snake oil as the solution.

Freedom was on the ropes for a while there and it looked rough for America’s responsible, freedom-loving gun owners who were getting blame for an insane scumbag’s unlawful rampage.

Well, the grieving process is winding down for America as a whole and the  earlier irrational and hysteria-driven clamoring for gun restrictions is evaporating faster than a freon spill on a hot summer day.

Now it’s the gun control advocates turn.  They are grieving over their overall failure to push through gun bans and gun restrictions while riding a wave of irrational hysteria.

Leftist gun haters are in denial that Americans, absent hysteria, recognize that gun bans aren’t best for their personal security and well-being, and that the only thing that stops evil men is good people with guns.

Gun control proponents are angry that America has moved on to discussing President Obama’s inauguration, the next “fiscal crisis” in Washington, Roe v. Wade’s anniversary and so forth.

So where are the gun control advocates now?  They are now bargaining, offering all sorts of legislative proposals.  It’s symbolism over substance, and that’s only because of a very sympathetic mainstream media.  Why is that, you ask?  Everyone knows the votes aren’t there to pass these flawed schemes through Congress.

For example:  On December 16th, right as the hysteria about guns was about to peak, MSNBC gave us this headline:  “Dems promise: First day of new Congress, a new gun law“.

(MSNBC) – As one of the bloodiest years for mass shootings draws to a close, top Democrats in the Senate have pledged to start the new year with tighter gun legislation.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, said on Meet the Press Sunday morning that she would introduce an assault weapons ban on the first day of the next Congress.

They weren’t the only one reporting this either.

The first day of the 113th Congress was January 3, 2013.

As of this January 23rd, Feinstein’s bill has yet to be introduced and is now “promised” on Thursday, January 24th, three weeks late.

MILLER: National ‘assault weapon’ ban coming Thursday

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office confirmed that she will be introducing in the Senate Thursday a new version of the so-called assault weapon ban. A spokesman said the full text will be released at a press conference on Thursday.

Folks, the votes aren’t there to pass gun control initiatives in the U.S. Congress this session.

This is all for show and in a feeble attempt to stay relevant in some way.  They are growing more desperate as all they have left is empty press releases highlighting their doomed legislative proposals to take away our God-given, Consitutionally-recognized civil rights.  McCarthy yesterday, Lautenberg today, Feinstein tomorrow.

In the states, there are some pretty strange proposals popping up as well.

A Connecticut bill was introduced to limit all firearms to a single shot.  A Missouri legislator, Maria Chappell hyphen Nadal, filed a bill to require parents to notify schools their children attend if they own a gun.

A low-information legislator elected by low-information voters.

It’s all they’ve got, folks.  They propose these same things every year and they go exactly nowhere.  This year, though, there’s an extra measure of shrill from gun control advocates even more desperate for attention.  It’s all for show.

But that’s not all!

There’s also utterly failed meetings like the one in the Chicago Suburbs last weekend where paid gun control advocates tried to start a grassroots group of useful idiots and leftist zealots to agitate for restrictions to everyone’s civil rights – including their own!  It’s the equivalent to recruiting African-Americans to support segregation in the 1960s.

In Pennsylvania, the mainstream media is reporting on the “promised” “crowd” of 250 gun control advocates today in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, courtesy of CeaseFire.  We’ll see how that turns out. If they have two dozen, it would probably be a good day for them.  Gun control advocates can barely muster a dozen in Washington, D.C. for a high-profile “event”, let alone something in little old Harrisburg, PA.

Contrast that with the 10,000 freedom-loving Illinois gun owners turned out in support of the Constitution last March in Illinois and were given barely a mention in mainstream news reports.

Gun control advocates also have the benefit of the leftist mainstream media who  cheerfully give their gun-hating friends publicity to further the poison gun control message, complete with make-believe “facts” or faulty junk science analysis.

Look at the Chicago Tribune.  They published this in recent days.  (Hat tip to ENDO for the image.)

For those unenlightened, that’s the forward sling swivel.  Grenade launchers don’t mount to sling swivels.   The mainstream media in general, and the Chicago Tribune in particular in this case, literally don’t know what they are writing about.  Sadly, their ignorance about guns doesn’t stop with firearm nomenclature, but continues with their reporting of flawed analysis on the entire issue.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s growing frustration of his inability to pass gun control legislation has left his remarks increasingly shrill as he denigrates law-abiding gun owners instead of violent criminals who are often his voters.

Obama’s shrill condemnation of firearms has utterly backfired though, providing economic stimulus to the firearms industry.  It’s also put guns in the homes of more Americans than ever as millions of Americans are buying guns in record numbers today.  Obama’s also figured out how to turn base metals into gold as ammunition prices have skyrocketed.

He’s awakened the sleeping giant as Americans now see that Obama, despite his earlier lip-service to supporting our right to firearms ownership, is really a gun-grabbing leftist intent on seeing Americans disarmed.

Attitudes on guns have changed dramatically from where they were three weeks ago.  Attitudes of Americans, awakened by a host of leftist Democrats advocating for harsh gun bans, like those recently imposed upon residents of New York State, have changed from where they were three months or even three years ago.

More and more Americans are waking up to how some gun control proponents would strip them of their right to enjoy the benefits gun ownership.  These Americans are recognizing that guns do save life and they want to protect their families from violent attack.

And that’s why gun stores and gun shows have done a very brisk business these last couple of months.

All to the chagrin of those who would disarm us and leave us at the mercy of violent criminals, furthering their depression.






10 thoughts on “The Gun Control Community: Elation turns to depression (Updated)”
  1. maybe since the hysteria is dying down, we’ll be able to find .223 ammo and magazines available again… although the scarce availability of .223 ammo did encourage me to start reloading my own. 🙂

    1. I got an email from Natchez yesterday saying they had 55 grain FMJ in stock again. About $350 for 500 rounds if memory serves.

  2. Now that it is less hysterical, that doesn’t mean gun owners get to go back under their rock until the next media driven frenzy. NOW is the time to take someone to the range and introduce them to the fun and benefits of shooting. NOW is the time to request the vacation day and plan to go to IGOLD on March 6. NOW is the time to make sure you’re on a first name basis with your state rep and state senator, and you’re familiar with your congress person’s staffers at their local office. NOW is the time find some training, and take someone with you. NOT when the next problem arises; NOW, BEFORE the next problem arises.

  3. On September 11, 2001, a few creeps armed with nothing but boxcutter blades, hijacked a few airliners and murdered 3000 people. That event woke up many sleeping Americans and made them aware that evil hearts are the problem, not some piece of metal with moving parts.

    On a related note: in the UK, they banned firearms. Now, they are in a panic about crimes committed with ‘knives’. Knives, of course, could mean a sharpened screwdriver. What to do? What to do? Now, the UK is trying to ban ‘certain’ knives. Stupid is as stupid never learns. In the UK, there will undoubtedly soon be exhaustive licensing requirements for you to get permission just to buy a screwdriver to change the batteries on your kid’s toy. Eventually, toys will have to be banned to eliminate that issue and the whole place will look like ‘Sombertown’ and it will be governed by Herr Burgermeister Meister Burger.

    1. The UK has a limit on limes, fruit. Two or more you could spray in some chaps eye. You have to be 21 to buy fruit!

  4. We should not only be resisting, even at this late date, but should be counter-attacking. I wish the NRA (at least) and some GOP Reps and Senators would propose:

    1)Abolition of the 1968 GCA
    2)Direct firearms shipments allowed to any licensed CCW in any state.
    3)Handgun purchases allowed to the above across state lines.
    4)Put all modern replica firearms under the BATF’s 50-year rule.

    OK, we’ll “compromise” and accept that the licensed CCW holder will have to fill out a 4473 – small steps, small steps.

    These proposals with give the libs apoplexy. They won’t be able to just sit around and wait for us to “give just a little”. If they can through stuff at the walls to see what sticks, we can too.

    Maybe if they realize our side will ALWAYS come back with our own hair-raising (to them) proposals, instead of giving in, they might think twice the next time.

  5. I’m not quite as confident. While the true levels of stupidity may be falling to the wayside, they still have the momentum to possibly ban private sales federally and get mag bans through in several states.

  6. [A Missouri legislator, Maria Chappell hyphen Nadal, filed a bill to require parents to notify schools their children attend if they own a gun.]

    What’s wrong with schools having a list of people they can call on if there’s trouble? 😉

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