(The Daily Caller) The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, also known as the Harrisburg Gun Show, has announced it will limit the type of firearms that it will allow to be exhibited.

“We have made the decision not to include certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention,” they posted on their website. Read more...


Oh yeah.

And the National Shoooting Sports Foundation is standing behind their decision too!

Statement on Reed Exhibitions’ Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

January 18, 2013The National Shooting Sports Foundation strongly disagrees with the decision of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show’s management to disallow the display and sale of Modern Sporting Rifles at its 2013 exhibition. In our discussions with Reed Exhibitions, we have made this very clear.

While assuring us that all legally available firearms will be welcome at future Eastern Sports and Outdoor Shows, it was explained that this unfortunate decision was made in response to the planned actions of a single retailer that would have drawn significant unwelcomed media coverage at a time when firearms ownership is being assailed in the media. It is important to note that this year’s show will continue to feature a wide variety of firearms.

However, it would be unfair to penalize the 1,200 exhibitors or the some 200,000 sportsmen and women who will attend the show by discouraging participation at a time when the hunting and shooting sports community needs to be united in the face of political challenges.

We urge industry exhibitors and attendees to participate in the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show as planned and encourage attendees to visit the Reed Exhibitions booth at the show to share their concerns and to then enjoy the show.

Guns Save Life was considering joining the NSSF to access some of their graphics and press releases about gun sales figures and other industry information.

The going rate for that was $200 annually.

We thought that a little steep for our little non-profit and thought we’d bandy it about the next Board of Directors meeting for additional consideration.

This next Tuesday’s meeting has a full plate of topics.  After NSSF stood behind these FUDDs*, I think it’s safe to say we can scratch this off the agenda even before the meeting.

*Fudd:  Slang term for a “casual” gun owner; eg; a person who typically only owns guns for hunting or shotgun sports and does not truly believe in the true premise of the second amendment. These people also generally treat owners/users of so called “non sporting” firearms like handguns or semiautomatic rifles with unwarranted scorn or contempt.





6 thoughts on “Harrisburg Gun Show to ban America’s favorite rifle UPDATE: NSSF stands behind them!”
  1. I couldn’t agree more. I believe any firearm-related business/organization that did ANYTHING, no matter how symbolic, to appease the antis after Newtown should be boycotted into bankruptcy/extinction. We should never forget they bit the hand that feeds them!

  2. The sign says “THE Sportsman Show”. I thought rifle shooting was a sport, and the super bowl of rifle shooting is the National Matches at Camp Perry. And I thought nearly all of the competitors at the National Matches (i.e. the best marksmen in the country) use AR-15’s. So I guess none of the sportsmen who shoot at the National Matches will be shopping at the Harrisburg Gun Show. So I guess it’s not THE Sportsman Show anymore.

    Or am I missing something?

  3. Well I was thinking of going to this..since I am new to firearm o
    wnership, and just completed NRA Basic pistol class, I now will boycott!

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