In talking with a number of sources it would seem:

A magazine ban is the primary goal of this push by Cullerton and his merry band of gun-hating leftists.  Sure, there’s a gun ban going to be introduced and the gun haters are going to push it as a target of opportunity, but the primary goal for them is magazine bans.

What’s that mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean ‘buy more magazines’ because at best this will be a ‘register your magazines and pay a big fee’ bill (the bill hasn’t been introduced yet as of this writing, but is expected later today or tomorrow) and more likely, it’s a flat ban… turn them in or go to jail (or move out of state).

It does mean you need to pound your legislators, both your state representatives and state senators, with calls opposing magazine bans or restrictions, and also new gun restrictions.

Not just one call, either.  Call them morning and afternoon, at both their Springfield offices and their district offices to let them know you oppose magazine bans and gun bans.

Also of note:  There are two primary bills being floated… one banning modern firearms and another banning modern magazines.  Both bills have the range-killing language, a repeal of provisions allowing non-FOID card holders to receive live-fire training and much more.



And call again in a few hours.  Melt the phone lines.  Do it now.


It’s a very dynamic time in the Illinois General Assembly and the dynamic is swinging against gun owners’ rights.  This is why you MUST call right now on these new bills which would ban modern firearms, magazines and regulate shooting ranges out of existence.

The NRA’s point-man in Springfield,  Todd Vandermyde says it may be as high as a 50-50 chance that one or more of these anti-gun bills may be rammed through.

Senator John Cullerton, the president of the Illinois Senate, feels the time is right for a comprehensive gun ban here in Illinois.  This would include all semi-automatic firearms and pump action rifles and shotguns.

This is a “turn them in or go to jail” bill.  There’s no grandfathering or exemptions.  Everything from America’s favorite rifle down to your deer-slug Remington 870 would be banned.  Your Colt 1911 would be banned, too.

Repeating:  ALL SEMI-AUTOS would be banned.  As would pump action rifles and shotguns.

Also, as we mentioned, the dynamic is changing rapidly.

Anti-gun forces are tossing everything and the kitchen sink into these proposals which will be slipped into an existing shell bill and rammed through, potentially in the dead of night just as Illinois passed the 67% income tax increase in the last few hours of the previous session.

Among the other proposals being floated, according to Vandermyde:

*  Any range open to the public would have to be run by a federally licensed firearm dealer – and they would be licensed and regulated ad nauseum by the Illinois State Police.  Also, the range would be open ONLY to club members, period.

*  A separate magazine ban bill is also being floated which would ban all mags over 10 rounds.  Rumor has it this is the true goal as Chicago Democrats spread out the gun defense as thin as possible with this talk of banning all modern firearms.

*  Repeal of the FOID Act provision which allows non-FOID holders to attend firearm training in Illinois.

Don’t get angry.  Do something.

Call your state representative and senator to express your displeasure with these proposals.

Tell them:


* No new gun laws.

* No magazine bans.

Don’t know your representative’s numbers?  We can help.  Click here.

Gun owners nationwide are encouraged to call Cullerton’s offices, particularly the one in Springfield: (217) 782-2728

His Chicago office number:  773-883-0770

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18 thoughts on “Call now. Call right now. UPDATE: Mags are main target…”
    1. But, they lie when running for office and tell you, like Obama did, that they will not infringe on your Second Amendment rights. Then the lying bastards betray your trust when they get in office and subvert the Amendment and your rights. Over and over it happens. They know they could never get elected without lying their butt off.

    2. Anybody foolish enough to believe Obama was progun – especially after he had publicly stated years ago that he did not believe in private gun ownership – is not smart enough to deserve to vote

  1. Relax, it’s going to be OK! Just take ten deep breaths while counting to ten as you inhale, then count to ten as you exhale.

    1. Ah yes, that’s what the Nazis told the Jews they were herded into the gas chambers.

    2. Ya got me there.

      “The dynamic is changing” is the word I got from a legislator last night. “Anything can happen.”


    3. I used exactly the same words two weeks ago… We are calling, e-mailing and writing. What else can we do? A trip to Springfield? All of us?

  2. BOCH!
    Are trying to give me a “M.I.” heart attack.
    Well, why can we all collectively relax?

    1. He’s right Peter. Now it’s not the time to relax. I’m for paying them a visit in Springfield.

  3. Just called Cullerton’s Springfield office. No one picked up and his voicemail inbox was full. Maybe his inbox being full is a good thing.

  4. I called and got a full mailbox. I also shared the link to this page on my facebook so my friends who are not GSL memebers or do not follow this website can get the information and pass it on to others.

  5. I get the voting part..however, the issue is right now not in two or four years…I am calling, mailing all my reps and writing to news papers…still seems passive…almost wish there was a rally on Springfield or some of these pinheads offices…somethign to get media attention on this where we can elevate the debate…

  6. Called both Senator Brady and Rep. Mitchell. They are both on our side. Will calling them again tomorrow, as well as others. Emails will be coming out in a few minutes. Lets hit this hard boys!!

  7. Called Sen. Cullerton’s office, and spoke to his secretary. She threw me into the strongly opposed category!! Keep it up!

  8. I just got off of the phone with Sen. Cullerton’s office. Such a nice lady that answered the phone. She probably now regrets asking for my opinion on the Senator’s proposal…

  9. And while we’re in the calling/writing mode, let’s not forget about our boys and girls in Washington, DC. It may not be an urgent matter yet, but we know it’s coming and it would be a shame if we allowed ourselves to be sucker punched at the federal level as well. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from their “common-sense” “anti-crime” federal legislation. We cannot afford to give in an inch on this one!

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