To Be Heard in Committee Today!


Call these committee members NOW!!

The IL State Senate is called to order this afternoon at 3:00 p.m..  They’ll go directly to committee meetings.   We’re told that the proposed bill for Cullerton’s firearm ban (and likely a separate magazine ban) will be heard by the Senate Public Health Committee in their meeting scheduled for 5:30 this afternoon.   Please call the members of this committee and ask them to oppose any gun ban bills that may come up for their consideration.  Those members are:

Senator William Delgado – D – Chairperson, 217-782-5652
Sen. Mattie Hunter – D – 217-782-5966
Sen. Susan Garrett – D – 217-782-3650
Sen. Michael Noland – D – 217-782-7746
Sen. Jeffrey Schoenberg – D – 217-782-2119
Sen. Heather Steans – D – 217-782-8492
Sen. Dave Syverson – R – 217-782-5413
Sen. Shane Cultra – R –217- 782-6597
Sen. Christine Johnson – R – 217-782-1977
Sen. Carole Pankau – R – 217-782-9463

Be polite, courteous, concise.  State your position and ask that they oppose any gun ban bills or magazine restrictions.

4 thoughts on “Contact Committee Members NOW to stop these bans!”
  1. Called everyone. Most are getting tired of answering the phone about this topic! Call ’em some more! Keep it up ladies and gents, we’re getting to ’em!!

  2. A majority of the Dems and a couple of the Repubs aren’t answering their phones.

    Gee, wonder why.

    Keep MELTING their phone lines.


  3. Called Sen. Johnson’s office and her secretary interrupted me and said: “Johnson, Syverson, Cultra, and most if not all Republican Senators are a ‘NO’ vote, so you don’t have to call anymore”. I replied, “Thank you, but I’ll call anyway. And tomorrow, and the day after. Have a great day”.

  4. I just finished sending personalized faxes to all Illinois senators. I ended up with 73 total (both Springfield and district office numbers). Pretty much everyone with a working fax machine got a copy. I took me all night and I suspect it was an utter waste of time, but what else can we do at this point.

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