I didn’t really have time yesterday to dissect the NRA’s presser, but Miguel at Gun Free Zone has done a magnificent job.

This is good.  Really good.

Two excerpts.  The NRA’s remarks in italics, center-justified.  Miguel’s analysis below.

The only way to answer that question is to face up to the truth.
Politicians pass laws for Gun-Free School Zones. They issue press
releases bragging about them. They post signs advertising them. And in so doing, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are their safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.…….We care about the President, so we protect him with armed Secret Service agents. Members of Congress work in offices surrounded by
armed Capitol Police officers. Yet when it comes to the most beloved, innocent and vulnerable members of the American family — our children — we as a society
leave them utterly defenseless, and the monsters and predators of this
world know it and exploit it. That must change now!

Two distinct points here: Repetition that the imaginary force field called Gun Free Zones is not working and that politicians were responsible for creating such stupidity and they know it doe not work because instead of trusting their lives to the imaginary force field, they gave armed people taking care of them. To summarize: Politicians have not given 2 craps about your kid’s life since the introduction of the Gun Free Schools program.



A gun in the hands of a Secret Service agent protecting the President isn’t a bad word. A gun in the hands of a soldier protecting the United States isn’t a bad word. And when you hear the glass breaking in your 6 living room at 3 a.m. and call 911, you won’t be able to pray hard enough for a gun in the hands of a good guy to get there fast enough to protect you.
So why is the idea of a gun good when it’s used to protect our President or our country or our police, but bad when it’s used to protect our children in their schools?

“What makes you so special you can have all the security you want, but my babies are supposed to have none?” This one has to hurt. No mater what kind of explanation you can come up with, trying to counter the argument will result in you appearing to be a callous jackass who does not care for kids.

2 thoughts on “Miguel hits (another) home run: Analysis of NRA’s presser”
  1. The opportunistic gun banners WILL counter the argument – probably because they ARE callous jacasses who do not care for kids – they just care about scoring political points and the next election that keeps them in thier positions of power.

  2. Have we agreed yet on how to decide who the ‘bad’ guys with guns are vs the ‘good’ guys with guns?

    We should give the bad guys certain colour guns to make it identifiable…

    And how do we arm the school security..do they need background checks, mental testing, etc?

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