[One of our GSL members asked around for some help for a fellow GSL member on hard times.  She wanted it to be anonymous, but it didn’t work out completely that way.  Here’s what happened…]

by Jan

Today, we delivered Dave’s Christmas goodies. We had three BIG boxes of goodies (food, toiletries, etc.) and $750 in gift cards and cash. To say that he was taken aback, happy and moved by your collective generosity is an understatement. And, he hadn’t even opened the card with the gift cards and cash in it by the time we left!

Because he’s been so sick with the influenza, he hasn’t been leaving the house; we couldn’t figure out a way to get him out of the house AND be able to manage to move the size of the boxes, we’d be delivering, we just called him and told him we wanted some input on a gun we were thinking of buying.

When we arrived, we told him we fibbed and that we had some things from a group of people who loved him and wanted him to be the recipient of the type of kindness and goodness he practices every day. When he saw the packages (there were 4 large wrapped packages), he said “that’s more Christmas than I’ve had in more than 10 years!”

We didn’t name names as to who gave what…..we stressed that it was all intended to be 100% anonymous, but we couldn’t pull it off…..he was pretty much at a loss for words, except to say “Thank you so much” again and again and again.

God bless you for the role you played in making a difference in Dave’s life. I’m proud to call you friends and so happy we brought so many smiles to this sweet man’s face today!

Merry Christmas and many blessings in 2013 for you and yours!

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