Well, not here as in Guns Save Life, but here as in:


In stock, $14.20.  Windowed mags 17.xx.

Yes, they were in stock.

If they are out of stock, just another reason you should be visiting Guns Save Life more often!

And you can thank Frank Sharpe of Fortress Defense.

My usual go-to place, 44mag.com, is all wiped out.



UPDATE @ 1:48 local time:  All gone, kids.  🙁

4 thoughts on “Happy “End of the World” Day. Get your PMags here…”
  1. Sweet! The “incident” and resulting panic run on mags wiped out my Christmas shopping plans, but thanks to this tip – not only am I picking up a few extra mags, but my dad and brother will get great 30-round stocking stuffers!

    Thanks, Santa John!!

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