by John Boch

(Guns Save Life) – Good news, ladies and gentlemen!

Just days ago, a lot of gun owners were buried by hysteria fomented by the mainstream media.

A couple of U.S. Senators, formerly fair-weather pro-gun types, came out calling for “action” on gun control.  Stores stopped selling America’s favorite rifle. TV networks cancelled gun-related sports and shows.

And, shockingly, a small, but particularly vocal group of politicians tried to make hay with gun bans.

Obama preempted Rush Limbaugh to give a press conference chock full of his favorite pronouns (I, me, and my) and to appoint our Vice-Gaffer in Chief, Joe Biden, to chair a (Pabst) Blue Ribbon panel to “study” gun control measures.  Translation:  It looks like they are doing something, but nothing’s going to happen. 

Another reason nothing is going to happen, as we posted a couple of days ago, is that Democrats in the U.S. Senate are quite vulnerable in 2014.  There are a lot of Democrats from “redneckistan” states (their descriptor, not mine) that will be shredded at the polls should they ban America’s favorite rifle.  Heck, they’d probably face less meaningful fallout if they wanted to ban America’s favorite pie (Apple) or America’s favorite pastime.

Mike Flynn at Breitbart summed all this up in a nice piece, also mentioning that the questions from the reporters weren’t about gun control, but about that certain cliff we’re all sick of hearing about.  His piece can be summed up by two sentences in his final paragraph:  “Obama’s press conference today marked the zenith of the new push for gun control. Its momentum will fade as the raw emotions around the shooting recede.”

Well, he was spot on.

Wednesday, Joe Manchin backed way off his earlier demands for gun restrictions, saying that he was so proud of the NRA and he’s “not supporting a ban on anything”.

Less than a day later, on Thursday, we’re treated with news that both Obama and Reid have put the brakes on any gun legislation.

America’s favorite rifle. Why? It’s been the biggest-selling rifle for several years now. There’s a whole industry devoted to parts and accessories for the AR-15-style rifles.

At this rate, two weeks from now, Senator Feinstein’s going to be hard-pressed to find a co-sponsor for her dream semi-auto gun ban bill to ban America’s favorite rifle.

The constant hysterical drumbeat of doom and gloom, aggressively fed and watered by gun grabbers who were on the ropes days before . . .

Well, ladies and gents, all the talk of gun bans, ammo restrictions, and confiscations was nothing but cheap trash talk.

That’s right.  It was nothing but hot air and those plans are evaporating faster than a puddle of water in the hot Arizona noon-time sun.

The Bradys won’t talk about it, but they have been on the ropes, financially as well was legislatively.  They’ve been borrowing money to pay their bills (h/t David Hardy of Arms and the Law blog).

The tragic deaths of twenty innocent school children and their spilled blood was merely fuel the Brady clan shamelessly used to drive hysteria.  The mainstream media provided them the air-time.  Weak-kneed stores folded under the hysterical whining of non-customers.  Left-leaning media companies ended shows depicting guns favorably.  Freedom-hating politicians like Feinstein, Bloomberg, Schumer and Obama touted that the time was here to ban guns and limit civil rights.

Well, the blood is drying up and their hysteria machine is sputtering.

The light at the end of the tunnel the Brady folks and their ilk were crowing about early this week?

It’s early, but that light may just be our train gaining momentum to end gun-free zones (GFZs), eliminating the make-believe protection GFZs afford.  Gun-free zones in schools, long thought sacred by the anti-self-defense crowd, are suddenly on the table as everyday Americans are realizing gun rights activists have a point:  good guys with guns in schools can stop evil people and protect our most vulnerable population cohort, our children.

Changing laws defining GFZs is gaining speed and if the Brady folks, Bloomberg, Schumer and Feinstein aren’t careful, it’s gonna run them over.

Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and Oregon are all considering or will soon consider legislation to allow teachers and administrators the choice of whether or not to carry in their schools.  Whoops.  Add Virginia and Tennesee to that list – only they would require armed staff.  About .34 seconds of research show that Arizona, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico are also considering liberalizing guns-in-schools rules and Texas is doing the same as well.

Michigan’s governor just vetoed a bill to do just that, along with carry license holders.  Don’t be surprised to see an effort to over-ride that veto.

It now looks like these children might not have died in vain.  It looks as though thoughtful and reasonable people are listening to the experts behind active shooters.  More and more people are realizing that the only thing that stops evil monsters with guns are good guys with guns.

Active shooters are cowards and often lunatics as well.  They are attracted to places where there are no armed good guys because the last thing they want is a fair fight.  This is why we say gun-free zones are lunatic magnets.

Active shooters usually self-terminate (“kill themselves” for those of you from Rio Linda) as soon as good guys with guns arrive.  Both incidents last week saw this happen, by the way.  Tuesday, at the Clackamas Town Center Mall, the lunatic there retreated to a service hallway and shot himself after seeing an armed good guy taking aim at him.  The Sandy Hook school monster offed himself as sirens were heard.

If we can begin meaningful work on eliminating gun-free zones (GFZs), all of us will be safer from the occasional lunatic, radical terrorist or predatory criminal who would prey upon innocent people.

Because, let’s face it:  Good guys with guns save life.

4 thoughts on “Gun legislation update: Restrictions on ice; ending GFZs gains momentum”
  1. Great article,
    You might just be on to something there. I just watched a news clip about a school in Texas where parents were driving their kids eleven miles out of their way to have their kids in a school where revolving teachers were mandated to carry concealed to protect thier kids.
    HB 148 this year or bust


    1. HB 148 is off the table.

      No, they had their chance.

      We’re going to want a Florida-style bill – or better – this time.


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