John Carburruvius, a Democrat party official in Texas, called for NRA members to be shot.


A Democrat precinct committeeman in Texas is calling for NRA members to be shot.

The Gateway Pundit has the story:

The tolerant and peaceful left strikes again.

John Carburruvius called for NRA members to be shot dead.

Carburruvius tweeted this out after the Sandy Hook School shootings.
“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Big Jolly Politics saved the screenshot.

John Carburruvius is a Democrat precinct committeeman in Bay Area Houston. He is a well-known Democrat in the state, worked on Noriega for US Senate campaign. He also SERVES ON THE TEXAS STATE DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE.


Why is it those who support racist gun control are so quick to threaten violence?

And they say we gun owners are prone to violence.

Sounds like the psychological projection is going strong.




4 thoughts on “Gun prohibitionists threaten violence, murder against NRA members, supporters”
  1. Deal. Let’s go. You want a target? Come get me. I am an NRA member, a father, husband, employee and allegedly even a human being. If you wish to vent your anger on anyone, please make it me. Why? Because only then may you understand that no one in the pro gun lobby rejoices every time this happens. You wish to really attack someone? I am here and ready. Knowing that, you still want to? Or is this more powerless keyboard toughguy talk? I will gladly meet you for a discussion, a shooting lesson (at my expense) or a gunfight if YOU choose. I will no longer hide my feelings about my hobby, my interest, or my belief in both self defense and the Constitution.

    While we can understand your misplaced anger, we cannot sit idly by and see the sheep so eager to destroy the foundation of their very freedom. If ONE sheepdog existed in Sandy Hook, this would never have become a story. Why cant ANYONE understand that one SICK individual did this, and could have done the same with a box cutter, a hammer, or a car?

  2. It would seem that the tolerant Liberal Left have allowed their true colors to shine through. The Left never lets a good tragedy go to waste.

  3. “Why is it those who support racist gun control are so quick to threaten violence?”

    It’s because they have no self control and let their emotions control everything they do. It’s the same reason why they think “If we allow people to carry guns, they’ll shoot everyone that ticks them off. I know I would.”

    Well, really, that’s just an admission of their own lack of self control. I actually agree, I don’t want someone like that carrying a gun, but then most of us are mature adults who can control ourselves.

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