Some pictures are worth a thousand words.

This one’s worth a thousand lives.

Stolen from the website.

4 thoughts on “A picture that’s worth a thousand lives.”
  1. Is it ever OK to kill a human being? YES! The world would be a better place if someone had met that jackweed in Newtown about three feet inside the door and KILLED him. Unfortunately, no one there was equipped to do that very necessary job. It was a “gun free zone”, made so by statist authoritarians who demand that only the police (and their bodyguards) possess guns or use deadly force.

  2. Let’s look at the Newtown Massacre for what it really is – UNDENIABLE PROOF that “gun control” is an abject, absolute, miserable and evil FAILURE.

    To put it in a nutshell: GUN CONTROL IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN. Not guns. Not NRA members. Not “high capacity clips” (sic). GUN CONTROL, evil, violent lunatics and power-hungry, arrogant leftists.

    But for the want of ONE single, well-placed projectile of appropriate caliber and velocity, 20 innocent little chlidren and 6 innocent adults ARE DEAD.

    How many more must be slaughtered before the gungrabbers realize and understand that “gun free safety zones” = Killer Enablement Zones, and nothing less?

  3. Gun-free zones, be they schools or malls, make people, be they shoppers or school children, as safe as fish in a barrel.

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