Mayor Emanuel whines over Tuesday’s decision granting Illinois residents the same civil rights that residents in 49 other states enjoy to make our families safer.


Wetting his bed apparently makes Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was particularly irritable the following day.

On Wednesday, the day after the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Illinois politicians to pass into law, within 180 days, a remedy Illinois current status denying its residents the right to carry firearms outside the home,  Mayor Rahm Emanuel lashed out at the court.

Rahm Emanuel put his hypocrisy on display for all to see, whining up a storm after the appellate court decision:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday denounced as “wrong-headed” and a danger to Chicago a federal appeals court ruling that tossed out Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons and gave the General Assembly six months to make it legal.

Emanuel said he has spent his entire public life doing battle against the National Rifle Association and he’s not about to stop now, even though federal appeals court judges have put state lawmakers on the clock.

The mayor portrayed the justices as out of touch and urged them to come down from their ivory tower and experience the terror that Chicagoans feel in neighborhoods held hostage by gangs.

He’s right about two things:  He’s spent his entire life working to deny Americans their civil rights, and the terror Chicagoans feel as they are (disarmed by their local government and) held hostage by the violent criminals in the city.

Imagine the hue and cry if he had worked to deny blacks the right to vote by saddling them with poll taxes and all sorts of rules and regulations regarding exercise of their voting rights – sort of like he advocates with gun owners exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

Second City Cop points out Rahm’s hypocrisy as he surrounds himself with armed bodyguards while working to deny his constituents the right to have a firearm to defend themselves – even in their homes, much less outside the home!

This from an asshole who lives surrounded by men with guns. An out-of-touch dilettante who made millions collecting a crooked paycheck for what was essentially a “no-show” job. A “man” so paranoid that he freaked out and removed members of his security staff over a bag of tomatoes left on his front stoop. This asshat is going to tell judges to experience the “terror” Chicagoans feel in their neighborhoods….

….wait a minute. “Terror…in neighborhoods”?

But Crime is Down. Everywhere. We heard McNumberCruncher saying so the other day. And the other day. And the day around that other time.

Which is it Rahm? Crime is Down? Or Daily Terror in the Hood?

You’re a hypocrite either way.

5 thoughts on “Hypocrite Rahm whines over civil rights decision”
  1. Your characterization of Mayor Rahm Emanuel as “bedwetting” is both childish and churlish. While he is undeniably hypocritical, describing him in the as you did smacks of the emotional outcries I would expect to hear from the Brady’s and their ilk.

    Frankly, you make me ashamed to be associated with you. You can do much better.

    1. Wow, methinks you wet the bed too. And cry in your cereal.

      What is wrong with you?

      What’s wrong with a little satire and cynicism?

  2. “Hypocrite” is both “biting” and true. The “bedwetting Rahm Emanuel,” though possibly true, is “childish and churlish.”

    Our side needs to take and maintain a high moral tone. We are right and need to avoid alienating those who will refuse to listen to WHAT we say because of HOW we say it.

    All that said, please accept my thanks for your hard work along with my displeasure with some of your remarks.

  3. If you really want biting criticism of Emanuel, picture him standing in the schoolhouse door, saying “Gun Control Now, Gun Control Forever.” That’ll resonate with many of his constituents! Or you might legitimately speculate about why he and certain aldermen are so determined to keep guns banned. Could they be receiving kickbacks from Chicago gangs to keep victims vulnerable, or to see that their drug turf remains unchallenged? There are many legitimate criticisms of Rahm Emanuel that won’t make you look juvenile and emotional.

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