This morning I was reviewing the Pantagraph website. Not because they are very informative or interesting,  I wanted to see how the recent court ruling regarding CCW  in Illinois would be reported.. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following next to the article  talking about the court’s decision.. “By the Numbers, who owns guns in IllinoisBy Kurt Erickson | The article goes on to explain that 77% of FOID card holders are white men. Then they go on to list blacks at 8.7% and “other” at 5.5%.

I am curious to understand the value of this information when we talk about Concealed Carry. What possible value does this article bring to the table. from what I read, nothing! I can see the discussion being framed already ” concealed carry in Illinois only helps suppress minorities. All these white guys own guns and they will use them to keep all the minorities in their place. Or worse these angry white men will use their guns to kill all of the minorities and that is a civil rights issue.”  How about this? “ We cannot allow these crazy white men to carry these dangerous weapons with the hatred they have for other races.”

Obviously Carry concealed will benefit all the people of Illinois that choose to exercise their constitutional rights. Women who own guns, minorities who own guns the people of Illinois who own guns. All of these people will no longer need to call for help and pray that it arrives in time. It should go without saying, anyone who decides to carry a gun should be well trained and very familiar with the gun they choose to own and carry. Remember, it is your life and your right!

2 thoughts on “Race baiting at the Pantagraph?”
  1. The Pantywaist has long been out of my sources for information. For accurate information it is, and has been irrelevant, period. There are too many other sources with accurate information who spell names correctly etc.

  2. Frankly I’m glad that the Pantingdog has brought this to light because I’m quiet concerned about the remaining .8 percent. Honestly I wonder where good ol’ Kurt got this information in the first place. Does the state track this information? If they do, why? If they don’t, does Kurt have a crystal ball? Is Kurt’s crystal ball registered with the state board of Houdini?

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