Architectural photograph of Clackamas Town Center.


The Clackamas Town Center mall is posted “no weapons, legal or illegal allowed”.

That sure made a lot of difference to a depraved individual who walked in yesterday wearing a white mask, carrying a rifle, didn’t it?

When is it people who are opposed to self-defense and firearm ownership learn that whackadoodle individuals, islamist- (capitalization intentional) or eco-terrorists and criminally-inclined dirtbags don’t really care about rules and laws?

They only thing bad people understand and avoid are victims who might meaningfully fight back and kill them dead.

There’s not many crazies, terrorists or criminals who shoot up police stations, gun shows or firing ranges, now are there?

A couple with a child embrace after they were released from the mall at Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Ore., Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. Witnesses say the scene went from cheery to chaotic in seconds when a gunman opened fire in the suburban Portland shopping mall Tuesday, killing two people and wounding another. (AP Photo/The Oregonian, Thomas Boyd)

Stand by for gun controllers to be dancing in the blood of the defenseless victims who died like sheeple when the wolf came along.

Masked gunman terrorizes Oregon Mall

A gunman who witnesses say was wearing camouflage and a white plastic mask opened fire in a shopping mall near Portland, Ore., killing two and wounding one other before killing himself, police said.

Authorities said in a press conference late Tuesday they have tentatively identified the gunman but would not release his name or give any information on a possible motive. Officials said a woman was also shot and was in serious condition at a Portland hospital.


11 thoughts on “Clackamas Town Center Mall: How’s that gun-free zone work again?”
  1. There’s things I’d like to say about “gun free zones”. But unlike Costas, My respects and prayers to the victims and their families.

  2. Its a false truth that gun free zones are gun free. They are a killers dream where all victims are disarmed and the killer has absolute power. A killer can only be stopped by another with an equivalent weapon. These are self evident truths that logic will enlighten. Stop creating gun free zones. As crazy as killers are they know where they will be unapposed. Schools, universities, post officies, malls, all gun free for the law abiding. A very false condition and belief.

  3. No weapons legal or illegal are allowed. Law Enforcement Officers beware! Your carrying of “legal weapons” are disallowed here! make sure you disarm yourself before entering on the premises! Maybe you can talk the guy down, and help people run for cover as the wolf is gunning down more people? Leave people (the idiots) to their own devices, they want to say you cannot be there with your guns, so don’t go there. The problem will take care of itself. The victims’ families can sue the rulemakers for failing to provide adequate protection for their patrons. We can all watch in horror as you’re not allowed to execute your lawful duty and trespass into yet another a gun-free, criminal-safe zone as people are murdered and victimized.

  4. Ye, those gun free zones really work well. Fortunately I know better than to shop in an area that creates a safe “work environment” for scumbags and publicly states it. BTW I am a law abiding citizen right until the moment comes were a law is passed that conflicts with the ability for me to apropriately defend myself. Up to and including the use of deadly force. It’s your life. You value it the way you want. I’ll value mine the way I want. We’ll see who gets carried to forest lawn first.

  5. But how could this happen? It’s a gun free zone isn’t it? My biggest question is when they learn the truth; when you have the ability to defend your self AND THE BAD GUYS KNOW IT, they will move on to easier targets.

  6. Seems like the so called, ‘main-stream’ media is promoting these events by showing their pictures a 100 times a day and telling their ‘poor’ story, encouraging the next. I guess it fits their agenda.

  7. I’m pretty sure concealed carry people absolutely carry in gun free zones. There’s the highest chance of probability in these “gun free” zones of needing to carry.

  8. Carrying or not, I simply won’t go into any business that does not allow CCW. First, that’s where all the shootings seem to occur and, contrary to lib-think, I don’t carry with the hope of using the weapon. And two, it just irks me that ANYONE would abrogate my rights under the law. That includes a certain popular gun shop in Gresham, too.

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