Miguel has a piece on firearm trainers at his “Gun Free Zone” blog that we believe the first paragraph in particular is outstanding.

The importance of a good firearms instructor is not only in the bang-bang part. (UPDATED)

I believe that we have a crop of less than desirable firearms instructors out there. Some are famous/notorious either teaching stuff that has no application in the real world or will get you in trouble. Even for most decent and some good instructors, their teachings stop when you achieve a certain proficiency in grouping shots on demand. This is not bad at all, but also represents incomplete training for civilians unless emphasis has been made on  continuing their education on the parts they do not cover such as the legality of a deadly force situation. It does not absolve the student either: you took the responsibility to carry a gun and you should understand by now that a problem started by somebody else (the criminal) does not end when you use your firearm but that is only the end of Act 1 with Act 2 (police investigation) and Act 3 (Legal process) to follow.

The rest of his piece is at the link, although our first impression of it is that he’s parsing some pretty remote possibilities that are fairly easily rebutted by a savvy defendant.

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