Well, another weekend and another shooting in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reports “Three injured in overnight shootings”. How is this possible? Chicago does not have concealed carry, in fact their gun laws are the most strict in the country.  Ignorant politicians and law makers will continue to reap the benefits of their flawed policies. If Illinois were to pass concealed carry, they would immediately reduce crime, raise revenue and reduce the the burden on police. If they continue, violent offenders will continue to prey on helpless citizens. But of course Mayor Rahm and Governor Quinn don’t have to worry, they have armed bodyguards… “Do as we say.. not as we do.”

3 thoughts on “Chicago has things covered!”
  1. An enormous amount of blame can be placed on the courts and the politicians who strangle the lawful efforts of government by pissing away taxpayer money on their nonsense/bribes/graft. The jails are overcrowded, but are pressured to keep releasing anyone they can just to keep the budget in balance. The courts know theres no room at the jail, and are reluctant to lock up anyone if they can possibly avoid it. The bad guys know it, and really dont mind it, since their buddies are all in there anyway.

    Dirtbag on dirtbag crime is the majority of these statistics. Look at the ‘victims’ of most of these shootings. The vast majority of them are no strangers to the courthouse themselves. Having worked in the system, I can say that being caught or arrested is not even on the mental radar of the mopes who do these shootings. My concern is the innocent guy going to work who gets robbed on the train, the old lady who gets her garage broken into 4 times a year. Those people are the victims. Sadly many never report the crime.

    What really needs to happen is to lawfully arm the good guys, and elect a competent states atty who understands that each of us has a natural right to self defense, and a few mutts to try robbing the wrong person, and this stuff would stop quick.

  2. This has, does and will continue to happen unabated. Chicago politics are a machine that goes way, way back and will resist all change no matter the death toll.

  3. Crime in Chicago has nothing to do with crime downstate. If you want to understand violent crime in this city you need to understand gangs, narcotics trade and corruption. It is not primarily bad guys against good guys who have no way to defend themselves. It is bad guys against other bad guys with innocent bystanders getting caught in the cross fire. It is only going to get worse once the cartels establish bigger presence in the city.

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