Gosh, just when you came to realize that living as a resident in Chicago is significantly more dangerous, statistically, than serving in the Army infantry fighting in Afghanistan,  news come from Detroit of a quadruple homicide, execution style.

Thugs in Detroit were over half-way there to besting the world-famous Chicago Valentine’s Day Massacre, the 1929 mob-related incident where seven mobsters were wiped out / executed / led to Jesus / snuffed out.

DETROIT (WWJ) – There have been no arrests and there are no suspects in the shooting deaths of four people at a home on Detroit’s east side.

Three young men and one woman were found dead Tuesday night, shot in the back of the head execution-style at the home in the State Fair and Hayes neighborhood near the Harper Woods city line.

Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said the victims were all in their 20s, but no names have been released.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, more bad guys are riding four-deep, wielding what local CBS media calls AK-47s, but we all know that the media is rather generous in labelling long guns AK-47s.

Anyway, here’s the story:

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police are investigating whether a group of AK-47 wielding robbers who hit two gas stations Wednesday morning are responsible for several similar crimes that have recently occurred across the city.

Sam Adbullah was manning the till at the BP gas station on 7 Mile near I-75 around 4 a.m. when he looked up at the security camera.

“I had the camera turned on in the back. Usually I don’t, but tonight for some reason I had it on the back,” Adbullah told WWJ’s Ron Dewey.

Adbullah said he saw a vehicle drive up and four men exit the car with assault rifles drawn.

“I saw the car and then it disappeared, and then it popped back up on the camera in the back on the building. I saw them come out with the guns and everything. So, I said ‘Oh, s***!’ and I just closed the door, went over there, picked up the phone and called the police,” he said.

Adbullah said he locked the door and got down behind the bullet proof glass. When the robbers couldn’t get in, they left.

…In fact, police say these four suspects are responsible for another robbery that happened just minutes later a Mobil gas station at Harper and Cadieux. Police say the gunmen demanded the 34-year-old clerk hand over the money, which he did. The robbers then took off.


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