Modern-day Bonnie and Clyde: Police are looking for John and Janet Cunningham.

Roy K., aka “Third Power” from Days of our Trailers, is smack dab on location where authorities are looking for an armed and dangerous couple who have shot one man and allegedly broke into a rural home not far from Roy’s place and stole the man’s truck.

CHARLESTON, IL  (JG-TC) — Two people from Windsor reportedly involved in a shooting in Southern Illinois were thought to be in Coles County on Tuesday.

John L. Cunningham, 41, and Janet S. Cunningham, 43, are believed to have been involved in a shooting in Johnson County on Monday, according to Illinois State Police.

They were still at large Wednesday morning, according to police.

They fled that area in a stolen vehicle, which was located Tuesday in a rural area near Ashmore, Lt. Brian Huston of the Coles County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Cunninghams then stole another vehicle and were still at large, Huston said.


We urge you to go have a read. 

It’s shaping up to be a “Come to Jesus” moment for fence-sitters who thought they wouldn’t ever need a gun.

As our sign set reads,

Dialed 911
And I’m on hold
Sure wish I had
That gun I sold
Guns Save

or as another reads

Roses are red
My gun is blue
I sleep safe
How about you?
Guns Save