Crime has gone wild in San Bernardino, CA, and unfortunately for residents, this isn’t limited to working girls.

It’s so bad that public officials are recommending residents “load their guns” to protect themselves from violent crime, including a murder rate that’s up 50% this year thanks to slashed budgets and layoffs at the local police department.

Breitbart is reporting:

City Attorney of Bankrupt San Bernardino: ‘Lock Your Doors and Load Your Guns’

City attorney of San Bernardino Jim Penman had the audacity to tell the truth to the residents of bankrupt San Bernardino at a recent city council meeting. Taking stock of the fact that San Bernardino’s murder rate has jumped 50 percent over the last year, that the city has been cutting its police force by about 80 officers, and that there is no good news in sight, Penman stated, “lock your doors and load your guns.” He stands by the statement today, explaining, “you should say what you mean and mean what you say.”