Welcome to the Windy City, USA, home of Illinois’ most stringent gun control. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in Chicago handguns are effectively banned and long guns are heavily restricted.  Only the affluent are able to navigate the onerous and expensive process to register them after attending expensive safety-training classes, rendering a vast majority of that city’s residents unable to enjoy the proven benefits of lawful firearm ownership that many hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans outside of Cook County enjoy.

Did we mention Illinoisans outside of Cook County enjoy a *much* lower violent crime rate?

Last night, in Chicago – the home of Illinois strictest gun control – there was a quadruple shooting, a triple shooting, a double shooting and a bunch of singles.  All told, it was a six-bagger night (as in body bags) in homicides, including a fatal stabbing.

The quadruple and the double occurred less than ten minutes apart!

Welcome to the Windy City.

Of course, the Chicago media interviews family members.  In fact, the Sun-Times leads off with what would be a heart-string tugging quote from the mother of one of those shot:

Just months after Alease Davies’ oldest son was murdered in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, her youngest son was injured Friday evening in a drive by shooting a few blocks away.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, not again. It’s only been five months,” said Davies, who now lives in Calumet City. “Am I cursed, or what?”

Second City Cop had an answer to her question, “Am I cursed, or what?”

You ain’t cursed Mama – you just raised an entire family of assholes.

The Sun-Times goes on to describe some more background in the case of Alease Davies’ kids getting shot:

Alease Davies youngest son was in his old neighborhood visiting family and friends just blocks from where his brother Rashaun Stephanys was shot in June. A person in a car drove by and fired shots hitting Lavelle, 19, Davies said.

He was on his way to a corner store, she said.

“He called me himself and said ‘Ma, I got shot,’” Davies said. “I said, ‘You’re playing me. Don’t play no joke on me.”

Lavelle, who is know as “Vell,” had recently been released from Cook County Jail. Davies said he’d been on probation when police found two bullets in his room and that’s why he’d been incarcerated.

“He hadn’t even been out 48 hours and now he’s shot,” Davies said.



3 thoughts on “Chicago Isn’t Safe: Six dead overnight, many more wounded”
  1. My sister-in-law and her friends spent the weekend there. Thank God they made it home safe. I warned them not to go but they know better, the bad stuff always happens to someone else. I wouldn’t go up there if you paid me.

  2. I would like to point out that Governor Quinn has taken an aggressive stance against gun violence in Chicago. He has paid 55 million dollars for unprivileged youth on Chicago’s south side to distribute fliers with a message of non-violence and inner pace, to attend the parade with the governor, to visit the DuSable Museum of African American History and even to attend a yoga class to learn how to handle stress.


    1. Fat lot of good that’s done then.
      The $55 million would have been better spent incarcerating felons for a LONG time whenever convicted of crimes of violence.

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