A young bedwetter.

Among the letters to the editor at the Boston Globe is a gem by a Boston resident Paul Duffy.  (Hat tip to Shall Not Be Questioned).

He laments that “gun control” isn’t discussed more following the acts of deranged kooks.

He concludes with, “We need to find the real and moral courage to stand down the gun lobbies — the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment zealots — whose reckless defense of gun rights has led to a society where almost anyone can acquire a Glock 9mm and the ammunition needed to ruin lives and communities in seconds.”

Where to start?  Paul calls civil rights proponents zealots.  I never thought I’d ever quote Barry Goldwater, but “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”!

Paul Duffy must have slept through history class on our nation’s founding.  He was also probably asleep during history class when they covered the Middle Ages.

Hey Paul:  The gun control you seek will only disarm the meek.

Back in the Medieval times, people experienced a general prohibition on ownership of weapons by the common man (and woman).  I don’t think most Americans have any desire to return to the Medieval times and the tyrannical oppression experienced by most people.

Gun control is racist, classist and sexist, Paul.

Quit being a whiny little bedwetter and learn the facts and leave your bigotry behind!

2 thoughts on “Bedwetter at the Boston Globe”
  1. “Moral courage”? Which person has greater moral courage:

    A. The one who advocates for agents of the state (with guns!) bar regular people from owning and using guns for lawful purposes.


    B. The gun owner who stands ready to defend his life, his family’s lives, and the lives of innocents around him or her, and who advocates for others to share that right and responsibility.

    I vote for B.

  2. Any Ba-stan globe reader ( who believes the dinosaur media anyway?) has likely never seen the rest of America. He thinks he’s more enlightened, above all this, and knows what’s best for us. Screw that! The thug coming through your window, or jacking your car with kids inside has no such enlightened notion. He knows he can hurt you and will if he chooses. Having saved my own butt, along with an innocent bystander by drawing my gun, I’ll take my views over this guy. My body, my choice no?

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