We’ve long said that, but lots of folks have to learn the hard way.

A suburban Chicago oncologist was out with his family for the Magnificent Mile Festival in Chicago Saturday evening.

He thought it was safe, no doubt, until this just-released from prison thug named Jimmy Harris stuck a knife in his back and told him it was a robbery while the good doctor was in the bathroom in a nice restaurant on the “Gold Coast” touristy-area in Chicago.

Nine-time convicted felon Jimmy Harris.

Harris, a homeless thug just released from a ten-year sentence with the Illinois Department of Corrections after only five years (for armed robbery, coincidentally), was prowling for innocent people to victimize.  Yes, after sixty arrests, and nine convictions, they released him after serving only half of his sentence.

The homeless thug Harris fled the restaurant with the bartender in hot pursuit.  He stabbed the bartender in the chest and was nabbed minutes later at a nearby restaurant, still with his bloody knife, probably looking for someone else to rob.

The doctor is still in the hospital with serious injuries.

And Jimmy Harris?  He’s being held without bond.

We’ve got a rope we’ll donate if they want to hang him high in the morning.  Or if they would rather use a pistol, we’ll donate a .22 short to the cause.

Suspect in Mag Mile stabbing had 60 arrests, 9 felony convictions

Chicago (Tribune) – Just one day after attending a meeting to reintroduce felons into their communities, a recent parolee with a decades-long rap sheet and history of violence stabbed an Oak Brook doctor during an attempted holdup at a Gold Coast restaurant over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

Jimmy Harris, 56, had been freed from prison just eight days earlier, authorities said.

Harris, who has past gang ties, has at least 60 arrests and nine felony convictions dating to the late 1970s, according to Chicago police, state and court records.

…Harris, who was living at the Pacific Garden Mission homeless shelter since his release from prison, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and unlawful restraint for the attack on Dr. Mir Jafar Shah and a bartender Saturday night after the Lights Festival attended by tens of thousands along the Magnificent Mile.After an evening out with family to watch the festival, Shah, a suburban oncologist, went into the bathroom inside the Chicago Westin’s Grill on the Alley restaurant, where Harris approached him from behind and announced a robbery, according to prosecutors and police. Harris stabbed the doctor in the right side of his neck and face, Scaduto said, and as the victim turned and started screaming for help, Harris punched him in the eye.

Shah tried to grab Harris’ arms to “prevent him from cutting” him any further, Scaduto said, and tried to pull Harris out of the bathroom so his cries for help could be heard. Shah was finally able to break free and run back into the restaurant.

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4 thoughts on “Visit Chicago’s Gold Coast: get robbed, slashed and punched”
  1. Again I say the blame for this human cockroach being free rests on the political system in Illinois, we don’t have the funds to keep these scumbags locked up, as they desperately need to be. We piss away money as if it will never end, tax citizens right out of the state, and are mystified as to how these things happen. I work in the court system. The average Joe has no idea how hard one has to work to get INTO prison! There is a litany of alternative sentences that are often used, but even when these pukes violate them, judges fail to give them the appropriate sentence due to cost! And you worry about jail for a concealed gun? I hate this state!

  2. If the “liberals” (stop calling them that; they’re Socialists & “progressives” are Communists) really wanted to reduce street violence, then they’d be campaigning for felons like this turd to be locked up permanently.
    Of course such an action doesn’t really suit their aims, which are to engender a sense of fear in the majority of the people so that they clamour for ever more regulation & “protection” to be supplied by “the government.”
    The self reliant are seen as anathema by these control freaks & that is why they despise us.

  3. where i live we get along just fine with no “gun control”, no pistol permits required or issued. send some of these punks here, and we’ll ship them back in a glad bag.

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