Alex Wagner, a journalist and political commentator for MSNBC, recently offered her analysis of a recent school violence rampage in Ohio with, “Cowering under a desk is indeed the only recourse for people facing life threatening situations in a school.”

Alex Wagner of MSNBC. Photo courtesy

Now, Miss Wanger favors the abolition of the Second Amendment.

It would seem that gun aficionados are cut from a different cloth than those like Miss Wagner who would ban all guns.

Cower in the face of life-threatening attack?

Only neutered and feminized Americans would do such a, well, cowardly thing.

If there is a credible threat of an active shooter or terrorist attack, children (and adults alike) might well be better advised to seek the nearest exit and escape to safety.  If fleeing is not an option, teach your children how to find an improvised weapon and to mount a counter-attack.  This, particularly for adolescent children and adults, is far more useful and noble than cowering under one’s desk waiting for a murderer to come around and add to the body count.

Teaching our children to cower in the face of an attack is teaching future adults to be sheep in the face of slaughter.

Maybe that’s what Miss Wagner was taught as a child and young adult.

It’s not what real Americans teach their children.

7 thoughts on “Real Americans don’t cower”
    1. Or the look on her face when confronted by a violent rapist looking for a bit of entertainment, just as she realizes there is NOTHING she can do but lay back and enjoy it, and hope she survives.

  1. Since most school systems have a NO VIOLENCE policy the system is teaching HOW TO BE A VICTIM. Thank God for the NEA.

  2. …neutered or feminized? Nah…I take issue with that statement.

    For those folks who have made a (more or less mature, and semi-) conscious decision that their own life is not worth defending, …I’m willing to grant the possibility that perhaps they’re correct…perhaps they are such miserable examples of humanity that the prospect of their removal from the gene pool amounts to algicide, rather than homicide, in their own estimation.
    …and if that’s the case, they should not expect that a policeman, fireman or neighbor would put their own life on the line to risk injury or death on their behalf.

    If they’re not willing to fight to stay alive, they shouldn’t make the Varsity team…Darwin awards are still meted out to at least some of the deserving.

    Unfortunately, that normally means they also have effectively determined that their spouse and any innocent children are also unworthy of parental protection from either the insult of violence or the indignity of torture or sexual predation…

    “Papa or Mama won’t allow a gun in the house” doesn’t really help much when you’re an innocent victim of violence…

    Sad, infantile, and ultimately nihilistic…

    Even a neutered animal will attempt fight or flight, and any mother of any species will normally fight to protect or defend their young if they are capable of understanding the threat.

    Neuterization or feminization are not the right terms for such creatures…they lack the fundamental self-awareness to be considered sentient.

  3. OK, can we please deal with a little reality here?

    Nice picture of the intended target (no pun intended) of your written attack. Proof you’re claims have little validity to them right off the start.

    Now, let’s talk a little facts shall we? Alex Wagner has NEVER stated she wants to do away with the 2nd amendment. I dare anyone to post the link/video/transcript of such, especially you, the author.

    She may request that assault weapons be banned as do most Americans…that is, except for the whacko gun nut jobs out there that are obviously compensating for some sort of shortcoming.

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