A thug breaks into a house in Elyria, OH and gets lead poisoning in the living room, expiring on the couch after learning actions have consequences – maybe for the first time in his life.

The dramatic 911 call is below.

As if it wasn’t traumatic enough for the victims of this home invasion, the thug’s family blames and confronts them for the incident.


Burglar fatally shot in Elyria: Suspect’s family confronts homeowners hours after shooting

The dead thug Jeffrey Carson in better days.

ELYRIA — An Elyria resident fatally shot a burglar who confronted him at home in the early Friday darkness, then hours later he was confronted by the dead man’s upset relatives.

Police said Jeffrey Carson, 29, of Elyria, broke into a house at 112 Water St. about 2:44 a.m. after getting a friend to boost him up to get in through an unlocked window.

The home’s residents, Jack and Linda Dillon, were awakened by Carson, who was in their living room, believed to be stealing electronics, police said. Jack Dillon called out and Carson lunged at him. Dillon had a handgun and shot Carson, police said.

…Linda Dillon also made reference to a burglary Thursday morning in which their $1,700 52-inch Sharp flat-screen television was stolen, according to a police report of the incident. “We knew he was coming back. He unlocked my window,” she said. Police have not yet linked Carson to that earlier burglary.
…Still reeling from their brother’s death, Bobbie Kniceley and her brother Johnny Minor Jr. went to the Water Street home yesterday morning because they wanted to see where Carson, their brother, had been shot. While they were standing on the sidewalk diagonal from the home, a couple believed to be the Dillons drove into the drive at 112 Water St. and a shouting match ensued.

“The people just blew his brains out,” Kniceley said. “They could have done something else.”

The couple got out of their car, approached Kniceley and Minor and retorted, “You don’t just go breaking into people’s houses.”

As the yelling continued, Jessica Dillon, who lives next door, called the police at 9:37 a.m. to report that the burglary suspect’s family members were outside 112 Water St. causing trouble, according to an Elyria police log.

The couple yelled at Carson’s family to get off their property. Carson’s family members slowly backed away yelling that the Dillons didn’t have to kill their brother.

Minutes later police showed up and de-escalated the situation and sent everyone on their way.

“I’m not saying he was perfect, but he didn’t deserve it,” Green said.

Carson worked at Green Circle Growers in Oberlin, was laid off and had since gotten another job. Green said he knows his brother had a criminal past, liked to fight and had been behind bars on and off since he was 17 years old. Despite Carson’s past, Green said the situation could have been resolved differently.

“I could replace anything in their house. They aren’t going to replace my brother,” he said.

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6 thoughts on “Good riddance: Home invader gets lead in the head; thug’s family confronts those he victimized”
  1. These morons just don’t get it!!! The homeowners did NOTING wrong! They defended themselves. Yet, these people come around saying he did not deserve this?? Really?? Here is another case where Illinois should implement Concealed Carry. This poor couple had no means to defend themselves against the family showing up outside. What if the Police did not get there in time? What would have happened then? Its time people! Concealed carry in Illinois!!!

    1. #1… This happened in Ohio, not Illinois. Also, the article is made to make the Dillons look like victims from the family, but that’s not what really happened. In fact, this article was supposed to be pulled for false information.

  2. Carson’s people sound like they are part of the “entitled”, you know those good people who are never responsible for their own actions, it’s always someone else’s fault.

    1. You sound like someone who believes everything he reads in the press. How unfortunate that you can’t think for yourself…

  3. Actually, the Carson’s didn’t follow the rules of the castle doctrine. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Dillon is likely to be prosecuted for manslaughter. I believe in the right to protect your home from intruders, but if you read the facts of the case, the Dillons knew someone was going to rob them, and left a window unlocked; they basically used their home as bait. It is people like these that abuse the second amendment, and this is why people want to take that right away… It’s a damn shame.

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