Cook County wants you to pay an extra nickel per round for ammunition to pay for their mismanaged county’s crime problem.


Democrats in Cook County are joining the Democratic Party of Illinois in wearing the “DEMOCRATS:  The party of gun control” label with their latest antics in Cook County.

CBS Chicago this morning reports that Democrats in Cook County want to tax ammunition sales by 5 cents per round in order to help close a $268 million shortfall in that county’s Democrat-controlled profligate spending.

Apparently Democrat leadership in Cook County isn’t bright enough to understand the more you tax something, the less business you get as entrepreneurs move to more friendly business locales.

Perhaps that could be one reason Cook County is $268 million in the hole on their proposed spending?

Don’t confuse them with the facts.

After all, you can’t fix stupid.

We wrote about this last week as well.

Photo by Oleg Volk.

One thought on “Democrat war on your guns continues: Nickel tax per round proposed”
  1. The idiots in Crook County IL. are taxing themselfs out of business, Chicago did an empty packs of cigarettes atudy found on the ground and discovered most are no longer purchased in Crook County. So the tax earners and payers move on and leave the LEACHES rot in their own greed.

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