by Scott Norton
Firearms and Tactics Instructor
US Training Center

Since I’ve never met anyone who could shoot that didn’t dry fire we’ll start by assuming that you keep up with that.

Now that we’re at the range but short of time or funds how do we keep in shooting shape? Let’s look at only 400 rounds a month broken down into 100 rounds a week.

1st Develop a plan and stick to it. Here’s an example:

10 Rounds:  Slow fire marksmanship – Very small dot, ability dependent, 3 inches, Silver Dollar or Quarter size – Rest between every shot, focus on sight picture / alignment, trigger press, 3 yard line.

10 Rounds: Presentations, one shot, 5 times low ready, 5 times high ready, presentations should be at 80% to max speed, speed of shot is dictated by difficulty of shot not speed of presentation, 3 yards 3 inch dot.

10 Rounds: The Draw, if you use more than one holster switch every week, 10 one shot draws, if you use concealed focus on that method, 3 yards 3 inch dot.

20 Rounds: Rhythm Drills, 5 yards with 8 inch dot, 1 second, ½ second, ¼ & maximum cadence of five rounds.

10 Rounds: Reloads, chambered round w/empty mag, one shot, reload, one shot, from holster, 3 inch dot at 3 yards.

10 Rounds: Soft / Type 1 Malfunctions, loaded mag w/empty chamber, from holster, attempt to fire, tap, rack & reaquire the target, fire one shot.

20 Rounds: Shooters choice of what you like – it’s also important to make this enjoyable so have some fun.

FINAL 10 Rounds: Come back to the beginning and finish with what you started with, marksmanship and focus.

With this small amount of ammo but a good plan and discipline a shooter can maintain a general high level of ability with a low level of time & money.