Bitter over at Shall Not Be Questioned noticed an absence of Dennis Henigan from the Brady Campaign lineup at a liberal fete televised on C-SPAN.  She thought that terribly disrespectful until after doing some digging, she discovered Dennis is now working for an anti-tobacco lobby group now.

It would seem that after twenty-odd years of drawing a paycheck from the Soros- or Joyce-funded anti-civil rights Brady Campaign or it’s predecessor Handgun Control Inc. or its predecessor Coalition to Ban Handguns, Henigan saw and smelled the fecal matter on the wall and bailed.

It’s very much like the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Executive Director Thomas Mannard bailing on that group in October 2010 after serving for ten long years promoting freedom-bashing gun restrictions during the day and being a regular guy after work. (Editor’s note:  I don’t know how you could do that.  Just the thought of working for the other side makes me want to take a shower to wash off the funk.)

ICHV would like to thank Thom Mannard for his work as executive director of the organization. After serving as ICHV’s executive director for ten years, Thom recently accepted a position as director of public policy and government relations of the American Cancer Society’s Illinois Division.

We, at the time, wished him best of luck in his new position.  In fact, we wished him better luck banning cancer than he had banning our freedom and guns.

ICHV also fired Chris Boyster, their Downstate Director of Community Affairs and lobbyist because of funding issues.  They also closed their Springfield office because of funding issues.

Looking over the ICHV website, it looks as though their webmaster got fired as well as the latest press release is from 2010 and their latest legislative update press release was posted at in August 2010 as well.

We suspect that funding issues are one of the reasons Henigan bailed on the Brady Campaign.  David Hardy had an excellent post about this a short while ago.  In short, the Brady Campaign is literally operating on borrowed money.

Look for more gun banners to seek alternative employment, perhaps even with your company in the coming months if they haven’t already.

After all, unlike those who volunteer their time and money to promote civil rights out of a sense of honor, decency and fairness, gun banners don’t work for free.

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  1. Just because he’s not working for an outright gun banning outfit doesn’t mean he’s harmless. He now has the opportunity to fire from our flank, in some way tying guns to tobacco (rednecks use both, or something like that).

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