John Bambenek, center, with Rodney Davis, left and Jim McGuire. John Bambenek garnered the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement in the 52nd Senate District on Tuesday, Oct. 16th. Rodney Davis was also endorsed in his race for the 13th Congressional District by the Trib.
Photo by News-Gazette.

The Chicago Tribune released their endorsements in the State Senate race.

We must say, we’re hardly a fan of the Tribune.  We’ll let you evaluate their metric for the determination as described:

52nd District: We endorsed Sen. Michael Frerichs in 2006 and 2010, and he has done some estimable work on complicated issues. The Champaign Democrat spent 15 months negotiating a regulatory plan for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, attempting to balance the interests of the gas industry and environmental groups. The bill stalled in the House. The past two years, though, have been a disappointment. Frerichs supported the 67 percent state income tax increase but wouldn’t take necessary votes to curb spending. Yes, we know, asking state retirees to pay something for health care is unpopular in the home of the state’s flagship university with all those emeritus professors. But Illinois is in this financial mess precisely because too many legislators won’t make those tough votes. Republican John Bambenek is likely to be outgunned financially in this race. He’s not getting much state party support. But he does say the right things about fiscal responsibility, government transparency and the need to shatter the status quo in Illinois. Bambenek is endorsed.