Young Olivia stands in front of the target showing results of her first shots with a real gun.

Olivia’s story

by John Boch
(Guns Save Life) – We had a little seven-year-old girl named Olivia at the Appleseed in Danville.  She was from a family of five, where four were shooting.

To her credit, Olivia was very good all Saturday keeping herself busy and out of the way, but on the ride home apparently  complained to mom and dad that she wanted to “shoot” her wooden “rifle” just like the grown-ups.

Olivia’s rifle.

So, on Sunday, mom and dad brought Olivia’s “rifle” – a crude wooden cut-out, spray-painted green with a laser pointer.  She was quite happy on the line for much of the day, getting into proper position just as the adults did, “shooting” the courses of fire.  She would then walk down with everyone and mark her “hits” on the target with a pen. It was so very cute.

Olivia’s big smile at getting to “shoot”.  Note that trigger finger!

Near then end of shooting Sunday, after getting mom’s blessing, I asked Olivia if she would want to shoot a real rifle.  Her eyes lit up and the smile was priceless, so George, a fellow instructor, and I made it happen.

While we were getting the rifle set up, someone asked Olivia what the four safety rules were.  That little girl nailed the Appleseed rules one after another exactly and without hesitation.  When she finished the last one, everyone gave her a hearty round of applause.

It took a little patience getting her lined up and making ‘her’ rifle (George’s super-tricked out 10/22) into a crew-served gun set up for the right target.

Getting Olivia all ready.

When she was ready along with the rest of the shooters, the fire command was given as “Fire, men fire! For God’s sake, fire as fast as you can!”  Little Olivia took the ‘fire as fast as you can’ to heart and hammered the trigger.  Even before she finished her first magazine she was giggling like a proverbial schoolgirl.

George loaded a second mag while the others were continuing to shoot their redcoats, and we got Olivia all ready for her second volley.  She began firing again.  More giggling was followed with hollers of “I’m hitting it!” while she was still shooting.

When it was over and we got the rifle safe, she got up and bounded back to her mom in the back, jumping and cheering at her success.

Once the line was clear, she ran down to the targets and proudly and gleefully stood next to her target. “I hit it!  I hit it!”

“I hit it! I hit it!”

Olivia’s first time shooting a gun was something we’ll all remember for a long time to come.

Reprinted from the May 2011 issue of GunNews.


Here she is about a year later at an Appleseed event:

Olivia a year later at an Appleseed shoot. You think she’s hooked on shooting? We do!
3 thoughts on “Olivia’s Story: One happy 7-year-old’s first shots ever”
  1. my grand daughter fired her first shots with a llama .22 pistol at age six. a paper turkey at 25 feet. nailed a neck shot, we told she shot he thanksgiving turkey, (it was just before the holiday) and then the day arrived she got her first choice cut of the real bird.

  2. This is what shooting is all about. A picture is worth a thousand word.
    I wish Olivia the best and hope the enjoys a life time of shooting with her family.

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