Chicago police at the scene of one of the many shootings in Chicago Sunday, October 14th.


How bad is it in Chicago?

It’s so bad the authorities don’t even know how many people got shot.  Or they can’t keep up.  Or both.

The Chicago Tribune says 2 killed, 24 shot.

NBC Chicago says “since Friday five people were killed and at least 25 people were wounded in separate shootings.”

Second City Cop says the number of shootings is over 30.

And then there’s the future rocket scientist who decided to shoot up a Chicago Police squad car.

The 16-year-old future discoverer of the cure for cancer was out minding his own business, er, turning his life around when for some reason he decided he wanted to take his frustrations out on a blue four-door sedan.

Well, the *angry* police response was something like fifteen seconds as the sedan was an unmarked Chicago police car, according to Uptown Update.

Photo courtesy Facebook.

Unfortunately x2 for the “alleged” shooter Jansen Aikens, his Facebook page touts his gang-banger affiliation.

It’s so out of control in Chicago…

… Why would ANYONE travel to Chicago for business or pleasure?

It’s just too dangerous.

It’d be safer to take a trip to Mogadishu.

4 thoughts on “Chicago isn’t safe: How bad is it? Mogadishu bad.”
    1. Unusual? Not really. This is an issue of a culture that finds honor in violence that happens to be practiced more often by those of a particular racial background. Gangsta Rap “artists” are predominantly black, and their following itentifies with them.

      It’s not about race, except for the high relative participation of the black community in this cultural attitude.

  1. What a great democrat town it is. Like San fransico. St. Louis New Orleans Wow just keep going.

  2. How long will Rahm Emmanuel and his henchmen be allowed to continue the oppression of gun owners and mostly want-to-be gun owners? The Supreme Court has ruled, the Chicago City Council at the urging of Emmanuel passed another law which is just as bad as the one they knocked down, and yet nobody calls them on it. If it is possible for Chicago residents to go outside the city and buy the guns they want and need, they should do this with all haste. If several million people did this what would the pols do about it? They could make an example of somebody but mostly they couldn’t do anything really. Remember if a law is unjust or unconstitutional it doesn’t have to be obeyed. If they want to put everybody in jail the courts could be clogged for years and years.

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