Don’s Guns in Indianapolis where the attack happened. A customer there rented a gun, then shot one of the clerks twice. The clerk returned fire, killing the attacker. The owner of the stores said, “If you shoot us, we’ll shoot you right back.”
Photo courtesy Indianapolis Star.

Indy gun store clerk shot a customer two weeks ago after the customer shot him with a rental gun.

Recovery has been slow for the sheepdog, but he’s making progress.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Good job, brother.  And thank you.


Gun store employee describes shooting ordeal

Gun store employee describes shooting ordeal


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It was exactly two weeks ago, when police say a customer opened fire inside Don’s Guns on the city’s west side, shooting a clerk. That clerk shot back, killing the customer.

42-year-old Ben Chance was that clerk, and spoke with 24-Hour News 8 inside his hospital room in Methodist Hospital.

“I’m thankful for this hospital. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” said Chance.

With his fiancé Sylvia sitting by him, they explained how the past two weeks have been for their family. Together, they have four children.

“This whole time, it’s been really rough on him. Not just physically, he’s gone through a lot psychologically and emotionally,” said Sylvia. “This has really affected him, because, a life was taken. He simply did what he had to do, to possible save everybody else in the store. He’s my hero, because he’s really been through a lot.”

“Our hearts go out to the gentlemen’s family, but he was shot. He could have lost his life, and a lot of others could have lost their life,” she added.

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  1. Good job, the question I have is where were the police? Wait, I thought the liberal media believes that you should call 911 first and let the police handle the situation. Well if he would have done that, how many more folks would have been shot? Good question huh! My family wishes you a speedy recovery and just remember this you need to fight fire with fire to win.

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