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The 2012 elections are just over a month away and gun sales continue to soar as Americans vote with their pocketbook to acquire the means with which to protect their families in uncertain times.

The National Shooting Sports Association reported that in August 2012 marked the 27th straight month of National Instand Criminal Background Check System queries required to purchase a gun in most cases, with raw NICS checks up 16.5% over August 2011.  The NSSF also issues adjusted numbers that suggest the true number of firearm sales in August 2012 have increased even further, to as much as 27.8% over August 2011.

The mainstream media is noticing as well.  Gun stores across the nation are reporting brisk personal defense gun sales, especially of handguns, shotguns and, of course, of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.

Even national retailers are making contingency plans depending on how the 2012 election goes.

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette offered up this little tidbit at the end of a recent story about gun sales:

The waiting game until November isn’t reserved for political pundits — it’s also triggered a shift among some retailers over how they market their firearm products. Executives at Nebraska-based Cabela’s Inc. recently told the Wall Street Journal they had two advertising plans at the ready for any outcome in the election.

If Mitt Romney wins, Cabela’s will stock up on the accoutrements that come with gun sports, like boots and camouflage. If Mr. Obama wins a second term, the company will capitalize on a perceived threat on gun ownership and add more firearms to its inventory.