It’s not just murders that are way up in Chicago.  Numbers slipping out from independent sources are showing numbers in several categories of serious crime are up.

Despite claims by city officials that crime is down substantially, some are suggesting publicly that the official numbers touted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy are faulty at best and fraudulent at worst.

Murmurs of crime statistic “massaging” in Chicago have grown louder in recent years, as claims by city officials don’t come even close to news reports or public perception.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel claims that overall, crime is down 10%, but many find that difficult to swallow.

The hard numbers we’ve found don’t support Emanuel’s fantastic claims.

Examples you ask?

The Chicago Tribune let slip on August 28th that shootings are up almost 10% this year over the same time last year, 1648 in 2012 compared to 1596 as of the same date in 2011.

One can’t fudge bank robbery reports as the FBI investigates them and lying to the FBI will land you in the clink.  If you doubt us, ask Lewis “Scooter” Libby.  Bank robberies are up sharply this year for Chicago.  As of the first week of August there had been 116 bank robberies, one more than 2011’s entire total.

Car thefts?  Car thefts in Chicago are up 22% this year!  Of course, Mayor Emanuel and staff quietly blame “joyriders” as if it was a harmless prank imitating the “Grand Theft Auto” video game.

Homicides?  Well, aside from over three-quarters of Chicago’s homicides remaining unsolved, the latest number’s we’ve got from Redeye put Chicago’s homicide numbers up 29% over last year (and Chicago’s population is in decline…)

Rahm’s fairy-tale claims of crime’s double-digit decline may be part of a falsification of crime reporting numbers in big cities across America.

New York City has been doing this for many years, according to many.  (Click here for a book detailing this fraud upon the public.)

Closer to home, the Milwaukee Police Department’s brazen crime statistic manipulation has been exposed by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

In October 2010, Karmari Curtis, 2, spent six days in intensive care at Children’s Hospital after Corey Benson severely beat him. It was classified by police as a simple assault. It was not included in the city’s violent crime rate for that year. Photo courtesy Journal-Sentinel.

In a series of articles, the local paper has found police intentionally downgraded the seriousness of crimes and also completely omitted some crime from their statistics.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a PhD. in statistics to know that violent crime is way up in Chicago.

Add to the increasing crime the random violent attacks on residents, tourists and businessmen in Chicago and you better understand why Guns Save Life has urged our members and our friends and neighbors to avoid Chicago for business or recreational travel.

There’s nothing in Chicago worth dying for on vacation or business!