When you get home tonight after a long day at work, tired as can be, just be thankful you aren’t like Lane Yeager from near Great Falls, Montana.  He had a surprise visitor waiting for him Monday night when he turned on the light upon arriving home.

It was a big, black bear.

Great Falls, MT (FoxNews)  A Montana rancher shot and killed a black bear that broke into his house along the Rocky Mountain Front and raided the pantry.

Lane Yeager told the Great Falls Tribune he returned home near Choteau at about 9 p.m. Monday when he saw a bear run in front of him as he went to turn on the lights.

The bear broke through a screen and entered an open window, wrecked a Lazy Susan and tore off a door to get to the trash. It also ate peanut butter and flour.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks grizzly bear management specialist Mike Madel says the bear had probably been in the house for an hour.