A 9mm Hi-Point and an RG .22Short revolver are typical of guns confiscated from criminals. Other typical examples are 25ACP and 22LR autoloaders and 22LR or 38Spl revolvers — those are relatively inexpensive and easy to conceal. Nicer weapons, such as the 9mm Taurus at the bottom of the heap, show up less often. They are almost always acquired by theft rather than by purchase.  Photo courtesy Oleg Volk.


US Concealed Carry has a great article by Greg Ellifritz on studying your enemy to better understand and defeat him.

An excerpt:


“If you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.”

Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu said this more than 2000 years ago in his book, The Art of War. It’s hardly new advice, yet it is just as useful now as it was so many centuries ago.

Armed citizens spend countless hours trying to find the perfect weapon system, combining the best size, accuracy, reliability, and stopping power into one easy-to-carry package. They try friends’ guns. They read gun magazines. They study every gun website on the internet. They are truly taking Sun Tzu’s advice above as they attempt to “know themselves.”

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