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HELD HOSTAGE NO MORE: GSL Peoria meetings will take place in January! UPDATED!

December 17, 2020

Given the arbitrary and constantly changing orders, escalating threats and moving goalposts of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s COVID response, we have had to cancel some GSL meetings. Sometimes on short notice. For that, we apologize. Now, given new restrictions, we are seeking short-term alternative meeting locations to replace regular venues unable to host us for fear of losing their food or liquor licenses.

Our policy remains that if we have a host location available, we will continue to exercise our First Amendment rights to celebrate, protect and defend the Second Amendment rights we hold dear. We will do so in a safe and responsible manner.

We believe our friends and family can make their own informed decision about attending. And, as always, we welcome everyone so long as they feel healthy and don’t have symptoms of illness.

Furthermore, we encourage those with pre-existing conditions to stay home for the time being. We’ll bring you the highlights from meeting in the next issue of GunNews. What’s more, you can always mail in a ticket request if you see a monthly gun somewhere that you would like to win.

If you have a heated barn or building that could comfortably accommodate 75-100 or more people and are willing to host a GSL meeting for a month or three until our regular locations re-open, please contact Dale Lock or John Boch (see page 22 for contact information).

We can ask folks to bring chairs, so don’t worry that you don’t have seating. We are open to paying “rent” to help cover heating costs, utilities and wear and tear. A restroom is quite desirable, of course.

As of now, our Sangamon County meeting and our Pontiac Meeting are both cancelled as our host venues are shut down or nearly shut down (with severe group-size restrictions).  But the good new is that for January, our Decatur and Peoria meetings are back up.

And our Champaign County (Rantoul) and Charleston meetings will take place in the second week in January.

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas!

Temporary locations!

Coz’s Pizza (the usual place)
Doors open at 5:15pm.
Don’t come before 5:15. Come hungry.
We have a backup plan a few blocks away if Coz’s can’t serve us due to a last-minute shutdown.  At either location, we will be serving (great) food, so come hungry.


We have secured a location just north of Germantown Hills (or north of East Peoria). Food will be available – please make a reservation through Barrack’s hospitality so they can prep the right amount of food (visit the GSL website for a link to do so). Or you can call them at (309) 692-3990.

Call or text 217 649-3702 if you need the address.

We are asking that everyone bring their own chair(s) and a card table to eat on, if you have one. This is all new to us all and trying to figure out how we can best meet during these difficult times. Thank you!

Please check our GSL website for the latest news and updates, including meeting information.