Plenty of folks have noticed the paucity of posts here at GSL (and some even at TTAG and SNW) authored by yours truly.

It’s true.

My twin boys aren’t in school now, nor in daycare.  Next to taking care of myself, the kid rearing is more important than putting in 50+-hour weeks for GSL.  Especially when I’m paid for 20-hour work weeks.  As much as I’d like to, I simply don’t have the time be a dad and do things with the kiddos, as well as tend to posts at the website, doing layout in GunNews, posting at SNW and TTAG, on top of doing my day-to-day executive director activities and keeping members up to speed at meetings.  So something’s got to give.  Right now, that something is creating posts for GunNews.  Regular meeting appearances is next.  Especially as we’re at a dozen meetings each month now.

If you or someone you know would like to help us out by taking on a part-time, volunteer gig writing for the GSL website, reach out to us.  Either Rich Goodall our president or myself, John Boch.  So long as you’re writing it and not AI bots, we’ll take a look and post your stuff.   We can even proof it as needed.  Deliver a stream of good quality stuff that doesn’t need a lot of proofing and we’ll give you keys to the kingdom to do your own posting.


Interested in doing layout on GunNews in InDesign?  That’s available as well.  I’ve got over 20 years (probably closer to 25) in doing writing and layout in GunNews and am ready to hand it off to another person or team.  That gig comes with a $500/month stipend, but requires whoever is doing it to identify content, write some content, create content as needed as well as do the layout and all the rest.  Yes, it’s mostly a labor of love, especially at that rate.

So apologies for those used to getting a fix of good content a few times a day.  We’ll have a few over the next few days, but don’t expect miracles.  School starts in late August (praise the Lord) but until then, time is very precious here.  Any assistance, even in small ways, would be welcome and appreciated.

3 thoughts on “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! Summer’s here… time’s not.”
  1. I’ll bite. I posted this on a popular…we’ll say “social media site”. Did it just because the fancy struck me. I tend to write a lot sometimes, less other times. I’m probably the stereotypical American gun owner. Brought up with good values, small business owner for 25 years, and dyed-in-the-wool 2nd amendment freak. (Who lives in Illinois…ugh, not a good combination.) Not a professional journalist. I have my shortcomings. Mostly just a guy who can consume information, digest it, and convey a take from my own viewpoint. If this is in any way interesting to you, drop me a line.

    For quite some time now, if you’ve been paying attention, people on the right have been questioning Biden’s mental capacity and general fitness for office. They’ve pointed out his incessant gaffes and mental glitches. They’ve wondered why Robert Hur’s report was not made public. They’ve winced at the countless times he’s fallen down stairs, off a bike, on flat stages, or walked off into space, to shake hands with or salute at invisible people.

    Every time, liberals would dismiss it, like it wasn’t actually happening. They’d make up stories and excuses, simply sweeping it under the carpet. Now, suddenly, liberals themselves seem to have discovered what conservatives have known all along. Or, more accurately, liberals now seem to be done lying to themselves, at least about this issue.

    Look, we were actually trying to HELP you (and the country) before. Biden has been unfit for office since he ingloriously kicked off (and then ran his entire campaign) from his basement. We have known it all along. This didn’t just happen on Thursday. This has been going on for 4 years. You were so intent on seizing and maintaining power, that you couldn’t even recognize or admit the obvious truth.

    This is not just a time to realize that Biden is unfit for office, it’s a time to realize that liberals have a difficult time with reality. Not just about their chosen candidates, but about their understanding of facts, issues, morality — ontological reality itself.

    Please, remove yourself from the liberal echo chamber. Learn to think independently, outside of the hive-mind. Recognize that not everyone agrees with you, but that it’s ok, that’s what makes us each unique, independent beings. (This is what defines the existence of conservatives.) And recognize that there IS no perfection, no utopia, no “ideal candidate”. There are just lesser-evils. Only once (and if) liberals realize this, we will be on the road to a better society.

  2. Sorry for the lack of paragraph breaks. They were there, but the posting process seems to have removed them…

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