By Mike Pottage

(World Net Daily) –  The New York trial of Donald J. Trump is a public lynching. Lady Justice never entered the courtroom. She was not even in the building. And the worst awaits us all.

Trump has been placed in an American version of the Tower of London to languish while the Crown’s clowns besmirch his character, and soon a minority of four jurors will convict. The judge essentially instructed the jury to convict any way it wished. It did not even have to specify a crime has been committed.

Immediately upon conviction, the Democrat Party will declare Trump a felon and his continued candidacy a threat to democracy. The party will have his name stricken from ballots; some jurisdictions may simply disqualify and refuse to count ballots cast for Trump. The internet dons may make his name and candidacy disappear tomorrow. The identical strategy works if there is a “miscarriage of justice” and Mr. Trump not convicted.

It is not just Donald Trump’s freedom that is on trial. That is why this gross abuse of the American judicial system and its politics may result in a victory for the man on trial. American voters may issue their own trial verdict and repudiate the Democrat Party campaign strategy. Last time around, Russia, Russia, Russia worked. This time it will be felon, felon, felon. We shall see.

If Trump still wins in November, the Democrats will only have one path forward. They will seek to overturn the vote of the people. The irony of that choice, the rejection of a duly elected president of the United States by the party that lost the election, may just launch America into its second civil war. Or, if allowed to stand, will erase “of, for and by the people …”

A Democrat victory after this disgraceful episode would mean America will elected all future presidents in much the same way Russia repeatedly elects Vladimir Putin.

History will take note of the irony. If the Democrat Party is successful, it will mean Donald J. Trump was the last duly elected president of the United States. That election was held in 2016. It will be the Democrats who killed democracy, or more accurately, the republic.

The only intersection that would matter during such times, would be a repudiation of the New York court decision by the United States Supreme Court. Congress is worthless in this struggle. This Democrat manufactured crisis is more serious to the nation’s survival than the secession of the states was in 1850. Even then half the country was going to end slavery. Come to think of it, Democrats were the cause of that bloody civil war too.

Reprinted from World Net Daily.  With permission.

6 thoughts on “The public lynching of Trump and coming civil war”
  1. “Congress is worthless in this struggle.” I am glad someone else noticed this too.
    What will happen if the Judge puts Trump to jail? I shudder to think of the consequences.
    BTW, did you notice the current President of the US openly asked De Niro to go to the trial location and basically argue that Trump must be convicted regardless of the law and the facts? But remember, this trial is not political.

  2. In the current regime. We no longer have a true government. What we do have is empirical overlords. Bent on tearing down everything that America is. Keep your powder dry and stay frosty sisters and brothers.

  3. “The worst evil of disregard for some law is that it destroys respect for all law” – President Herbert Hoover (Inaugural Speech March 4, 1929).

    President Truman’s (Inaugural Speech January 20, 1949) comparison between Democracy and Communism is still relevant today, too.

  4. Well at least you went to see the movie so you’ll know what the Civil War looks like a bunch of morons running around worshiping the press, a lot of flashy lights and bangs and nobody knows what’s going on anywhere.

  5. I wasted two votes on Trump. THINK: All Trump had to do is stay faithful to his wife; that’s how this whole fiasco began…infidelity. Trump began the Red Flag Laws, Trump started the Bumpstock Ban, Trump pardoned Blagojevich (did everyone forget that trainwreck), and so many other Trump related fowlups that would fill pages. If a man can’t stay faithful to his own family; don’t expect him to defend your rights.

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