Guns Save Life announces our “Great Guns 2024” drawing.  Yes, Virginia, we’ll be giving away a Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad on the second Thursday in June at the Mattoon/Charleston GSL meeting.

This firearm is (obviously) Illinois legal.  It’s basically a carbine-length M1A with a muzzle brake instead of a flash suppressor making a “nice gun” under the PICA gun and magazine ban law.

Worried about the 10-round magazine?  No problem.  The next time you’re outside of Illinois, pick some up some standard M1A magazines at a gun show or at a local gun shop.

It’s a pricey gun (which you can win for next to nothing with a whole lot better odds than Powerball), but it shoots well, reliably and with a whole assortment of .308 / 7.62×51 ammunition.

It’s NICE!  Springfield makes some good stuff and their entire M1A line is something they do very well.

And this one can be yours.  Tickets are $10 each or 5/$40.  You can pick them up at meetings.

Can’t make it to a meeting, but want to win this gun for as little as $10?

Send a check to the address below and GSL’s Treasurer Joanne Chandler will send you back your stubs if you include a SASE.  If you’re late, we’ll return your check.

Attn: Great Guns 2024
Guns Save Life
PO Box 8
Clinton, IL 61727


One thought on “GSL GREAT GUNS 2024: WIN an M1A Scout Squad in June!”
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