If you wonder why Chicago has a serious crime problem, look no further than its city council and other elected officials.  Some of them are just downright Marxists, elected by low-information voters susceptible to pandering and platitudes.  Take Rossana Rodriguez.

This Democratic Socialist of America (a nice way of saying Marxist/Communist) pillar of the community claims that punishing criminals is racist and calls America a garbage society.

Fox News has more.

FIRST ON FOX – A socialist member of Chicago’s city council believes that the idea of using police to ensure safe streets and punishing criminals is “racist” while calling America a “garbage society.”

Rossana Rodriguez is an alderwoman on Chicago’s city council who supports defunding the police and caucuses with the Democratic Socialists. The alderwoman, who explicitly calls for “critical race theory” to be taught to children, is also involved in the council’s Education and Child Development committee.

The alderwoman repeatedly blasts American society in her frequent social media tirades.

The people in her district deserve what they elected.  Gooder and harder.

“White supremacy, systemic racism and exclusion are at the root of the issue of violence. If we want it to end we have to commit to dismantling white supremacist structures and fight for equity,” she said.

Yep.  Gooder and harder.

4 thoughts on “Marxist Chicago city council member says it’s ‘racist’ to punish criminals, America is a ‘garbage society’”
  1. Wonder what exactly she means when she says dismantling white supremacy structure. I’m sure some of that involves disarming law abiding folks.

  2. Blah, blah. blah. Why do these ass clowns remain in the These United Staes of America? I think these people are full of shit. One can’t fix stupid but one can …. it.
    Fill in the blank. In the interim Ms Smith, er Rodriguez, enjoys the benefits racist white people built. Why is she not fleeing to a South American socialist utopia? Cee U Next Tuesday.

    1. Her websites tell it all – activist, indoctrinator and organizer transplanted from the south.

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