Repeat after me:  You do not use deadly force to defend property.

Come on.  You can say it louder than that!  You do not use deadly force to defend property. 

Some good Samaritan with a CCW license tried to dissuade some dude from stealing a pretty nice work truck in Lumberton, NC.  He did so by pointing a gun at the would-be jacker, who promptly hopped in the truck.  Meanwhile, Mr. Yellow Vest CCW holder fires not one, not two, not three but FOUR warning shots into the ground.

That sure worked.  I wonder where Mr. Yellow Vest learned that powerful technique of forcing compliance?  Hollywood?

Eleven or so seconds later, the truck’s new “owner” intends to leave whatever parking lot and he drove for the exit.

Mr. Yellow Vest was still out in the open and he got, well, nailed.  Or well nailed.  Punctuation matters, but not in this guy’s case.  He probably travelled thirty or forty feet in the air, cartwheeling as he went.  Frankly though, he was probably dead before he landed.

Meanwhile, the ‘jacker drove through a field and went on his merry way.

Cops caught him not-so-long afterwards, but that didn’t help our CCW holder who didn’t exercise good judgement, tactics or common sense.

Unless you’re got kids or another person in your vehicle, you cannot and should not use deadly force to dissuade a carjacker hopping into your front seat to drive off, say from a gas station.  Now, if the carjacker displays a weapon or infers he or she is armed, that’s a whole different story.  You’ve got a bright green light to light them up, not to stop your car from getting stolen but to protect yourself from a violent criminal actor who just threatened your life with a weapon of some sort.

5 thoughts on “Good Samaritan CCW holder threatens, then fires shots at carjacker… then gets fatally hit by big work truck [VIDEO]”
  1. Let’s hope that ‘jacker gets charged with murder as that was a deliberate act of theft of a very high dollar vehicle and deliberate act of running down/over a pedestrian. Hope the judge is not a “Soros” criminal-enabling Marxist!

  2. Yeah. I saw this yesterday on X, horrible. Not sure how shooting the ground with repeated warning shots repeatedly is a good way to “warn” or even prevent a criminal intent on committing a crime, from doing such. As seen in the video, it will usually enrage those with such low respect for other peoples lives, causing them to instead seek out maximum punishment.

    If your life, your families, or a bystanders life is in imminent danger, life threatening harm. Then lethal self-defense is warranted, “legally”.

    Do not taunt!

    No preparatory, “warning” shots, flashing of your firearm, or exposing your holstered sidearm is necessary or advised. These will probably get you a charge.
    Just draw your weapon (making sure downrange is safe), if possible and prudent, say, “Stop, I’m armed or I have a gun, get back!” and fire until there is no threat.

    My prayers for this man’s family.

    We citizens are being forced to become the crimefighters oftentimes, because of policies and lack of accountability in our current system of enforcement of the law.

  3. One source I saw, said the gun carrier had snake shot in his gun as he worked utilities. May have been part of the reason he did not shoot the carjacker knowing the snake shot likely wouldn’t incapacitate him. Or if he did hit him damage would be minimal at best. Only the dead guy knows at this point.
    Obviously you can’t shoot to defend the pick up truck (personal property) which was not an immediate danger to him- that part arrived later- really fast too.
    Never fire warning shots.
    Get off the X. Take cover. Reload
    Standing in the middle of the street and trying to think about what just happened ended badly.

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