High school kids sometimes don’t think things through.  Nothing like carrying around pretend guns that look like real guns and trying to “assassinate” people.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Here’s a photo of a confiscated “realistic” gun.

The local PDs warned that if a CCW holder witnessed this happening out in the world, it could have real-world consequences.  Well, duh!

But when you play stupid games with stupid people, sometimes you win stupid prizes.

Gurnee PD shared this:

***Community Alert***
The Gurnee Police Department would like to address concerning incidents occurring nationwide and, most recently in our community, associated with a game known as “Senior Assassins.”
Yesterday, a group of high school students from a neighboring community entered a local restaurant wearing ski masks and displaying water guns resembling firearms. They were targeting other students who were dining in the restaurant and attempting to spray them with water.
An adult, who was a concealed carry holder, in the restaurant mistook the situation for a genuine threat, and the situation could have escalated quickly. The gravity of the situation cannot be emphasized enough; it had the potential to lead to serious consequences.
According to our information, the game involves the formation of teams for a tournament-style competition, with participants eliminating opposing teams by “tagging” them with water guns. It’s common for players to wear ski masks to catch their opponents off guard.
The Gurnee Police Department would like to emphasize that the depiction of firearms, whether real or imitation, in any public setting, is a matter of concern and may instill fear among the public. We urge community members to reconsider their participation in such activities and recognize the seriousness of their actions.
Incidents like these may warrant Disorderly Conduct charges, as they often cause feelings of being alarmed and disturbed by others.
We appreciate the continued support of our community and encourage individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly. Remember, if you “See Something, Say Something.”


From Arlington Heights PD:

The Arlington Heights Police Department wants to convey important information to community members by making you aware of an on-line, live action game called Senior Assassin. This game is played by High School students throughout the country, including here in Arlington Heights. It is an annual springtime tradition for students, especially seniors. Participants attempt to forego match elimination by squirting other players using a water gun with a goal of being the last person remaining in the game.

Game rules specify the activity cannot take place during school hours or on school property. Players attempt to locate their opponents at various sites including home, local parks, and other gathering spaces within the community. Students will often hide in odd spots, chase targets through yards and appear suddenly in a vehicle or on foot.

The Police Department does not condone or support cited objectives in this game. The concept is not against the law or a local ordinance. We ask everyone to play safely, use common sense and recognize how players’ actions may be perceived by members of the community. The unintentional result of participants running throughout the community with a water gun, some often resembling a look-alike firearm, could have deadly consequences. The State of Illinois has increasing numbers of individuals who possess a Concealed Carry License; an ability to carry a concealed firearm in public for self-defense. We are alerting residents that this spring time game has begun. The Police Department has received calls regarding associated activity. One such call resulted in a significant police response based on a homeowner reporting a “man with a gun” running through their residential yard. Please do not assume any similar suspicious activity observed is related to this game. Any unusual activity should be reported immediately by calling 9-1-1.

We encourage parents to talk to their children about safety concerns linked to openly carrying a squirt gun that resembles a look-alike firearm and being on private property without permission. Consider the perception an uninformed resident who sees a person rapidly displaying a replica firearm in a populated common area. That action could be viewed as ‘Alarming and Disturbing’ which are elements of a criminal offense and/or local ordinance violation – Disorderly Conduct. The Police Department understands there is excitement and anticipation as the school year comes to a conclusion. We request all students to please be mindful of their actions.




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  1. This originally appeared as an article in the Lake/McHenry Scanner on-line. If you think the students participating in this insanity are morons you should read the comments! Many of the commentors pointed out the way the reactionary and dangerous CCL holder in Gurnee acted. Kids can’t have fun anymore!!!! The apple does not fall far from the tree. Imbeciles…..

  2. Someone’s gonna slap them upside the head if they’re lucky. You point that gun in the picture at me or anyone around me, especially my grandkids? I’m gonna smoke your ass and sleep like a baby afterwards.

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