JB Pritzker has appointed some certifiable winners into our state government.  A few of them probably wear slip-on shoes because tying shoelaces is hard.   Example, the Illinois Department of Public Health was supposed to squander spend millions of taxpayer money to address “gun” gang violence.  The money was approved last year yet IDPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra still hasn’t gotten the program off and running.

They’re still “researching” it.

Pro-tip:  Why don’t you research “gang violence.”  The program isn’t the guns, it’s the criminals – especially gang members – in big cities (cough! CHICAGO) that are driving murder and violent crime in Chicago.  Not the farmer or construction worker in Carmi with their handguns, shotguns and (gasp!) AR-15s.

(The Center Square) – Illinois’ public health department is devoting taxpayer resources to addressing “gun violence.”

During a House committee hearing Thursday, Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Sameer Vohra was asked if the department is dedicating personnel to address “gun violence.” Vohra said the department has several individuals researching violence prevention.

“That includes suicide, other things, firearms violence is part of that,” he said. “We also have an epidemiologist that is partnering to get some of that information.”

The department also recently launched a campaign to spread awareness about the state’s Firearm Restraining Order law.

“This initial firearm restraining order campaign did take a little bit longer than we had initially hoped,” Vohra said.

Initial funding for the “Pause to Heal” campaign came from gun-control group The Brady Campaign, which partnered with IDPH.

While that just started, a $3.5 million campaign approved last year to urge gun owners to lock up their firearms hasn’t started. Vohra said with the FRO campaign underway, they’re going to soon lean into “safe storage.”

They’re going to “lean into” safe storage messages?

You mean like the “safe storage” laws that precluded an 11-year-old in Chicago from accessing mom’s gun when her ex- from 15 years ago was trying to slash her throat.  The kid couldn’t get the gun but with the heart of a lion he tried to save his mom’s life.  Unfortunately, her attacker stabbed him in the chest, severing his carotid artery and he died.  Mom was in critical condition last we knew.

Contrast that with the 11-year-old in Texas who accessed his mom’s gun and shot HER attacker, ending the attack.

Thank goodness IL has a “safe storage” law.  Because it would be a shame if a responsible child under 18 could access the family firearm(s) to repel a homicidal attack upon one of their family members.

Remember, if it saves just one life…

3 thoughts on “WE CAN’T WAIT: Pritzker’s appointees can’t even implement a ‘Safe Storage’ PR campaign”
  1. They need to impose a “safe storage” law/EO because they do not instruct their “chillins/rug-rats” to respect firearms like conservative parents who let their kids handle firearms responsibly under supervision to understand what would happen if some child that is not responsible tries to use a firearm irresponsibly.
    Kids will always be curious, eliminate irresponsibility, teach responsibility and proper use of all “dangerous” tools!
    Be responsible neuter your liberal dimwits!

  2. keep in mind that gun control is not about the gun it’s about control of the gun owner.

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