As if the “No Cash Bail” law wasn’t enough into the radical experiment in decriminalizing crime, the Illinois Black Caucus along with some of their brain trust allies in the General Assembly have actually advanced a bill to end life sentences.  Yep, because offenders who commit the worst of the worst crimes – multiple times – shouldn’t be incarcerated.

Why does this brain trust of low-information pols think that keeping serial career criminals off our streets is a no-good idea?  Because it’ll save the state health care costs.

But wait, what about the illegal aliens they’re welcoming into IL and paying for 100% of their health care?

Oh wait, we’re not supposed to go there.  The Narrative (TM) and all that.

Yes, this gem from the Bad Idea Factory known as the IL General Assembly advanced out of committee to the House floor.

Yup, meet some of the rocket surgeons behind this proposal.

Clockwise from top left: Representatives Kam Buckner, Kelly Cassidy, Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, Edgar Gonzalez Jr, Will Guzzardi, Rita Mayfield, Bob Morgan, Kevin Olickal, Justin Slaughter, and Anne Stava-Murray (Illinois House website)

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — In Illinois, any person twice convicted of murder, criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, or another Class X felony who is subsequently convicted of one of those crimes a third time risks an automatic life sentence under the state’s habitual criminal statute.

But they won’t have to worry about that anymore if legislation passed out of the Illinois House Judiciary-Criminal Committee on Thursday becomes law. The proposal aims to repeal both the state’s habitual criminal law and the armed habitual criminal law, a separate statute that imposes a sentence of six to 30 years on those convicted of certain firearms charges after at least two high-level felonies.

And people in our state wonder why we have a violent crime problem?



6 thoughts on “BAD IDEA FACTORY: IL Black Caucus moves to eliminate ‘life’ sentences for habitual violent offenders”
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  2. Aside from paying for health care for illegals, we’ll STILL pay for health care for these scum when they are out of prison.

  3. The Black Caucus. What civilization has been produced on the continent of Africa? The white guilt morons follow along like puppies.

  4. All of this bullshit started when some wienie came up with the idea to eliminate capital punishment. One of the dumbest ideas ever,

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