For the sarcastically impaired, yes it sarcasm.  Meet the “men” dedicating their lives to ensuring the safety and security for everyday people in Murder City USA’s neighborhoods.  They work selflessly, carrying their switch-equipped Glocks in one hand and a cup of booze in the other.

And Murder City Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to get rid of ShotSpotter, too.

Nothing like promoting de-policing, decarceration and soft-on-crime policies to Make Chicago Violent Again.



6 thoughts on “Meet today’s ‘Neighborhood Watch’ in Chicago…”
  1. Yeah, watching for rival gangs, an “unsuspecting” citizen lost in the “no-go” zone to car-jack and the local drug dealer in the wrong “turf” to heist some product for use or sale.
    Is that a 30 round magazine? With a “switch” I imagine ammo doesn’t last very long, if he doesn’t have a FOID permission card, wonder where he gets ammo.

    1. GSL 1589 says:
      February 25, 2024 at 10:23 pm
      To put it more simply, 896 and 3167.4635/11,392 would be real close to 896 1/4, (3.2/11.4, or 3/12 to round up/down, 1/4) (3 goes into 12, 4 times)
      SOOO SIMPLE, BUT, “intellectual MORONS” such as YOU “kenny-boy” will never “understand” it, just like in the 17th century when people did not understand something they had to claim it to be “witchcraft and devil worship”, but in the 21st century, basic math is basic LOGIC, and the basis for logical reasoning, which is apparent you have NO comprehension of.
      BTW, “kenny-boy” it is raaaacisss to be as stupid as YOU are!!!!

    2. Ken says:
      February 23, 2024 at 11:07 pm
      Add these fractions, you ol’ coot: 337 179/1137ths + 559 1374/11,392nds.
      Witchcraft. Pure, unadulterated witchcraft.
      NOT SO MUCH,, “kenny-boy” basic, simple math:
      GSL 1589 says:
      February 29, 2024 at 12:32 am
      “kenny-boy” to simplify it even further, turn your fractions into decimal equivalent, aka: tenths/thousandths, etc, to do that divide the numerator by the denominator, aka: 179 divided by 1137 = 0.1574318381706245, and 1374 divided by 11,392 = 0.1206109550561789, added together = 0.2780427932268043, or 0.278, …1/4 = 0.25, 5/16 = 0.3125, 9/32 = 0.28125, therefore, are you ready?, 896 and 9/32nds would be a VERY close answer to your SIMPLE BASIC MATH problem simplified for your mentally inept limited education, how do you like me now, idgit? YOU ARE WELCOME! punk-boy. Fractions are just basic division, the very reason there are numerators and denominators

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