GunNews went to press and has hit the US Post Office.  It’s also arrived at the first node of distribution hubs throughout the major regions of Illinois.  Our volunteers are taking them in the course of their daily travels to their final destinations right now and throughout the weekend.

If you pick up a copy at your favorite sporting goods store, truck stop, the Illinois State Capitol complex or gun shop, please join GSL.  We’ll mail you a copy each month so you’ll have it every month.  Honestly, we’re scaling back free distribution by about 20% in the coming few months, in part to help encourage scarcity.  There’s something in economics about scarcity and value…  (scratching head).

We were printing over 25,500 a month or two ago total for members and our free distribution.  Our goal is to bring that down to about 20 or 21k, which is still pretty darn impressive.  So if you see the stack of GunNews is a smaller at your gunshop or maybe, perish the thought, they’re out by the first week of the new month, that’s why.

If they aren’t there at all, that’s a (bad) sign that our volunteer that was dropping them to that location is having some health issues.  Just FYI.  No, we don’t know who’s on first, second or third base.  We have scores of volunteers who do their thing with complete autonomy.

If you’re a business and you want a bundle of 50+ sent each month, we offer that.  As it is right now, we do this for about a dozen businesses, clubs and far-flung individuals.  We ask that you cover most of the postage and printing costs – or $291/year.  Hence why, if you’re a business and you’ve got someone regularly dropping off 25 or 50 GunNews each month, make sure you say thanks.

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