Second City Cop posted alarming news Friday night.  Not only are a bunch of formerly Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) ambos now running with just “Basic Life Support” EMTs, but only 20% of the ladder trucks are operational under Let’s Go Brandon.

Looks like Big Brain Brandon is doing the same thing to Chicago Fire that he’s done to Chicago Police.

If you haven’t put your house on the market as a Chicago resident and headed for safer locales, that window to get anything out of your house is closing quickly.  If you’re upside down on your mortgage… walk away.  That will only chase you for seven years.  If you or your family members are killed by gang violence or die because 911 won’t answer your call for help, that’s forever.

Again, from SCC:

No investigative reporting on this rumored tidbit:

    • Wait until you people (or folks) learn that there are only two Tower Ladders in this entire city right now. Two. Should be 10. There are only two. Ask your alderman why there are only two Tower Ladders in the whole city right now. Wilson/Milwaukee and 51st/Western.Tower Ladders are extremely essential and important in large fires. The other 8 tower ladders have been converted to a basic truck now due to mechanical issues which the city doesn’t want to repair.

Unfortunately, when something breaks down, government is slow to repair it. Reasons are extensive, but essentially, they don’t follow warranty procedures, the disregard maintenance schedules, they allow unauthorized persons to service equipment, and when repairs are necessary, government attempts to low-bid the work to unauthorized / unqualified / politically connected companies.

So a city that used to have ten working tower ladders is down to two. The engines still work, so it’ll get fire fighters to calls, but if anything taller than two stories catches fire, you better have a fire-proof parachute handy.

It’s not like Chicago is known for tall buildings or anything.

UPDATE: From a fire friend:

    • Engine 29 – 35th Lowe
      Engine 18 – 14th Blue Island
      Engine 11 – Foster Cumberland
      Engine 78 – Wrigley Field
      Engine 39 – 33rd Ashland
      Engine 129 – 81 Ashland
      Those are ALS engines downgraded to BLS because the city thinks it cheaper to get fined than to rehire 6 paramedics for the day.
      Those Towers downgraded to a simple truck is alarming. Towers are needed in the event of a large fire.  City won’t repair them.
      Tower 5 – Cullerton Damen
      Tower 10 – Division Larabee
      Tower 14 – Chicago Lamon
      Tower 16 – 67 Dorchester
      Tower 24 – 119 Peoria

      Tower 54 – 47 Komensky

Who is in charge of CFD now? Someone caught on Ring doorbell camera melting down over marital infidelities and then blackmailed to hire someone who ended up shooting another citizen?

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  1. There is nothing in Chicago worth dying for. You can get shot, run over, or incinerated. The choice is yours

  2. On Monday we will remember George Washington as the father of our country.
    Joe Biden will be remembered as the father who took showers with his daughter.

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